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Admission 2024-25
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
Official Website     Last Updated: 19th Jul, 2024
Admission 2024-25

Zenith: The Club

About Zenith: The Club


Zenith: The Club, a prominent entity within the Board of Cultural Activities at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, stands as a vibrant beacon of creativity, artistry, and expression. This dance club plays a pivotal role in managing and hosting all dance-related events and activities across the university campus. Zenith, referring to the peak moment of intensity, skills and emotions expressed by the performer, here at our very own dance club. With the new name of our dance club, We all moving ahead in the new era with inspirations from the past. Stay Inspired.

Our Diverse Dance Community

At ZTC, we embrace diversity and celebrate the kaleidoscope of dance styles. Our club boasts a diverse community of students, ranging from those passionate about contemporary and freestyling to those skilled in breakdancing, classical, semi-classical, Bollywood, Bhangra, and folk dances. It’s a place where every dance form finds its rhythm, and every dancer finds their voice.

Fuelled by Enthusiasm

What truly sets Zenith: The Club apart is the boundless enthusiasm of its members. Their dedication and passion have driven the club to successfully host numerous dance events and performances throughout the academic sessions. With each beat and every step, ZTC showcases the energy and vitality that dance brings to our lives.

An Inclusive Space for Beginners

Zenith: The Club is not just for seasoned dancers. It’s a welcoming haven for beginners as well. We believe that dance is for everyone, regardless of their skill level. Here, beginners are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow in a supportive and inclusive environment. It’s a place where the joy of dance begins, and dreams of becoming a skilled dancer take flight.

Join Us on the Dance Floor

If you’re passionate about dance or simply curious to explore any art form, Zenith: The Club invites you to join us on the dance floor. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or taking your first steps in dance, ZTC is where you can connect with fellow dancers, discover your unique style, and experience the magic of movement.

Become a part of Zenith: The Club and let’s dance to the rhythms of creativity and expression. Together, we’ll paint the campus with the colors of dance, one step at a time.


Manvi Ganotra


Rishika Khajuria


Yuvraj Singh


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