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Admission 2024-25
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
Official Website     Last Updated: 21st May, 2024
Admission 2024-25

Code Club

About Code Club


Welcome to CodeClub, a clique of programming nut heads of our University!

Everyone, regardless of branch or year, is heartedly welcomed in this club of creative nerds. All you need, is to be a curious keeda, a passion to learn and grow as a programmer, and a commitment to consistently solve problems.

We believe (and so do a lot of top software engineers) that the best way to learn to write efficient and reliable computer programs is to be good at Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA). And that’s what we focus on!

Every Monday and Thursday we gather in COE-206 at 6 p.m. to brainstorm some programming challenges that may help us to learn and grow together. Our target is to be so good at programming that coding interviews just become a playground for us to flex our knowledge. Of course, it is a big dream and a long shot to take but the bell won’t ring unless you hit it!

So come on and join us on our journey of learning! Maybe after going down the road, you might realize that it is not really that hard 😉

Importance of DSA

To be a software engineer in any good company you would have to clear its interview. In coding interviews, an interviewee is asked to solve a given problem efficiently and her/his programming skills are evaluated on this skill. Generally, 2-3 rounds of this are conducted and may even go to as high as 6 or 7 for top companies like Google. 

Learning Data Structures and Algorithms helps to solve the problems and ace these interviews as most problems are either directly asked from popularly taught topics or are modified from them. Of course, a classical problem is almost never expected in a good interview but studying them helps one to tackle the challenge better than with no knowledge at all.

But why do tech companies pay so much attention to a programmer’s Data Structure and Algorithmic skills? Here are a few reasons:

  • Efficient and effective code: DSA teaches you how to choose the right data structure and algorithm for a given problem. This can lead to significant improvements in the performance and memory usage of your code. And when it comes to software solutions, efficiency matters. Just imagine if your Google queries are not answered in a click, or a game keeps on hanging while you are playing. Efficiency matters.
  • Solving computationally complex problems: Many real-world problems are computationally complex, meaning that they cannot be solved efficiently using brute-force methods. DSA provides you with the tools and techniques you need to solve these problems efficiently. 
  • To have a deeper understanding of how computers work: DSA teaches you how computers store and manipulate data. This can lead to a deeper understanding of how computers work and how to write code that is more efficient and effective.
  • To be more employable and competitive in the job market: Many employers require their software engineers to have a strong understanding of DSA. By learning DSA, you will be more competitive in the job market and more likely to get hired for high-paying software engineering jobs.


The CodeClub that is functioning right now is fairly new with its first session conducted on the 28th of August, 2023. But it is not something fresh in the coding space of our University. Pre-covid the CodeClub of our University was a flourishing place for budding software engineers. Alumni like Khushboo Gupta Ma’am (Software Engineer at Google) and Aditya Sharma Sir (Software Engineer at CRED) used to be part of this. Khusboo Ma’am has mentioned the club on multiple occasions in her interviews and how it started her DSA journey.

The club at that time was managed by Pulkit Goyal Sir and Vijay Krishnavanshi Sir, both of whom are entrepreneurs now. If you are interested you can check the Facebook page of the club to see posts and details of the various events that used to be conducted at that time – 

Also, here are the LinkedIn profiles of the alumnus mentioned above and some more interesting ones that might motivate you:

These are just some of the many alumni who have achieved huge heights in their careers and given a lot to this University. If it motivates you, we encourage you to look for more such alumni on LinkedIn.

The online conduct of the University due to COVID-19 increased the gap between the seniors and the juniors. Post-COVID the club couldn’t acquire functional traction to keep on going as it used to until the club and the coding culture of the University became almost extinguished. Of course, our students still achieved a lot individually, but the culture had washed away.

Now, we aim to again rise and reach the heights beyond what we used to be with camaraderie, faith, and all the hard work that is required to realize our goals. 


Suryaansh Rai


Vinay Vashist


Rishi Prakash


Shagun Mengi


Rishika Khajuria

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