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A State University recognized under Section 2 (f) & 12 (B) of UGC Act of 1956
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The School has set up State-of-the-art laboratories, containing the latest equipment to ensure that the students get excellent facilities to thoroughly understand and explore the concepts of electronics as learnt in the class-room. Special laboratories have been set up in collaboration with Mult-National Giants Freescale Semiconductors & Xilinx Inc. Ltd. These laboratories provide the students an opportunity to wok on industry standrad equipment and industry sponsored projects. Experts from the industry conduct workshops and visit regularly for training the students and the faculty members.

SMVDU Freescale Systems Laboratory:

ece freescalelab

This lab is a collaborative lab established with support from Freescale Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. (erstwhile Motorola Semiconductors) and contains state-of-art equipment and kits for learning and implementing the concepts pertaining to the latest 32 bit, 16-bit & 8-bit Microcontrollers & Microprocessors. Students are exposed to the latest 32 bit ColdFire Arhitecture, 16-bit S12X Microcontroller Architecture, 8 bit 9S8 Architecture besides the traditional 8-bit Intel 8051 Microcontroller, 16-bit 8086 Microprocesor & the 8-bit 8085 Microprocessor architectures. This lab is used extensively for conduct of Lab work and Project work by the students to create innovative projects using the sensors boards, Wirless Network Boards & Project Boards, all supplied by Freescale Semiconductors. Freescale Semiconductor regularly conducts training programs for the faculty & students and also sponsors student projects.

Interface kits for studying real time equipment like DC Motors, Stepper Motors, LED Matrix, Traffic Light controls, A/D & D/A converters are used in the lab.

SMVDU Xilinx Laboratory:

This lab has been setup as a joint effort between SMVDU and Xilinx Incorporated, USA- the world leader in Programmable logic like FPGA, CPLD etc. The lab contains software donated by Xilinx including the latest version of the software design tool ISE 9.2i, Chipscope etc. Hardware includes kits for studying the Spartan 3E series as well as the high end Virtex2 series from Xilinx. Special I/O cards are also available for project work.

Analog Electronics Laboratory:

ece analog lab

This lab is used by the students to conduct practical on analog electronics circuits including practical on diodes, transistors, FET, and digital electronic circuits. The lab is equipped with latest multiple power supplies, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Analog Oscilloscopes, function generators, Logic Scopes, probes, Capacitance, Inductance and Resistance boxes etc.

Communication Engineering Laboratory:

This lab is used by the students to conduct practical pertaining to Wireless communications including study of modulation and de-modulation techniques, transmitters ad receivers, analog and digital communication methodologies etc. Latest equipment like high bandwidth Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, High frequency Analog Oscilloscopes, multiple power supplies etc. are available in the lab besides training kits for studying the various communication techniques.

Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory:

This lab is used by the students to conduct practical pertaining to the study of linear integrated circuits including op-amps, regulators and other linear ICs. Equipment like function generators, Oscilloscopes, Triple power supplies are available for ready use of the students.

Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory:

This lab is used by the students to conduct practical pertaining to the study of optical fiber communication using state of the art kits. Equipment like function generators, Oscilloscopes, Triple power supplies are available for ready use of the students.

Electrical Machine Laboratory:

This lab is used by the students to conduct practical pertaining to the study of various electrical machines including motors, generators etc. Lab setups for DC Series / shunt Motors, Synchronous, Universal, single phase & three phase motors, induction motors, generators etc. are available with appropriate measuring equipment.

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory:

This lab has been setup to conduct practical work for the subject Digital signal Processing and simulation tools like MATLAB 2008 are available along with SIMULINK. Special toolboxes and Blocksets for control systems, signal processing, image processing, Genetic algorithms are also available.

PCB Fabrication cum Project Laboratory:

This lab has been setup to prepare the students in hands-on design of single sided as well as double sided PCBs with plated-through-holes. One of the unique setups available in this part of the country. The same lab is also used for fabrication of student projects.

The school is also proposing to set up the following laboratories in the near future:
  • Advanced Communication Engineering Laboratory
  • Control Systems Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Mobile Communication Laboratory

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