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The Department of Energy Management previously School of Infrastructure Technology & Resource Management was established in the year of 2005-2006. The objective of the school is to offer a M. Tech. programme in energy Management and to conduct research in the energy related fields. Presently, the school is running a part-time M. Tech. programme in energy Management mainly for working professionals and conducting research on Energy Security & Exergy analysis of Refrigeration Systems, Exergy & Exergoeconomic analysis of Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Optimization of Photo voltaic Systems.


  • To provide interdisciplinary necessary input to students, in energy resources, planning, technology and economics of energy usage in various sectors after their basic graduate degree.
  • To provide energy and environmental correlation and detailed information on environmental friendly energy conversion technologies.
  • To provide details of energy and environmental economics.
  • To Provide details of non- conventional renewable energy sources.
  • To provide information on energy related management practices
  • To provide detailed practice on energy related softwares.

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