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Biotechnology continues to expand rapidly with new discoveries at a breathtaking pace. This industry, a merger of science and business, demands a multi-disciplinary workforce skilled in basic-research, product development, regulatory affairs and commercialization.

The biotechnology industry harnesses advances in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics and nanotechnology to move discoveries and ideas out of the laboratory and into the product development pipeline. Students of B. Tech. (Biotechnology) learn to advance their careers by broadening their skill base and understanding of this dynamic field.

Recognizing this wider impact of biotechnology education and research in the 21st century, and the limitations of the existing programmes elsewhere in India, the University School of Biotechnology at SMVDU has placed due emphasis in the curriculum on interdisciplinary convergence in modern biology, engineering and technology, applied orientation, quantitative approach, practical training, awareness of the broader social, economic, environmental, ethical, legal and managerial issues in biotechnology. Some of the distinguishing features of the School include highly qualified faculty, in-house teaching, quality laboratory infrastructure for teaching and research, individual projects, good library, etc.

Department of Biotechnology, SMVDU offers students the ability to learn, advance and succeed in this exciting field with a variety of learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of working adults.


  • To provide impetus to the activity of knowledge acquisition and education of students in basic sciences and technological know-how associated with the field of biotechnology, and other relevant areas
  • To focus our teaching and research activities strategically around national economic goals.
  • To facilitate comprehensive learning combining the scientific, technological and social aspects.
  • To seek new models of collaboration with other institutes, universities and industries.
  • To combine academic study and the thrill of innovation.
  • Work on Bamboo species available in the country in general and the J&K state in particular.
  • Work on the proteomics of selected Bio-molecules in being initiated.
  • BIF Centre is working on a website construction for the medicinal plants in J&K and India.

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