Department of Energy Management: Research


  • Energy security Energy security - The continuous availability of energy in varied forms, in sufficient quantities, and at reasonable prices - is a main concern for a developing country like India with limited energy resources. Energy Security for India will be one of the research areas of the school.
  • Exergy Analysis of Refrigeration Systems
  • Energy Efficiency and Moisture Control in Buildings
  • Optimization of Photovoltaic Systems
  • Chemical Exergy in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System
  • Phase Change Materials
  • Characterization of Solid Biomass in Composite Climate

Research Facilities

In order to conduct research work in the above mentioned areas and also to carry out M. Tech. research projects in near future, following research facilities will be created:

  • Energy Modeling & Simulation Laboratory.
  • Engine Performance & Exhaust Emission Testing Laboratory
  • Non-conventional Energy Sources Laboratory.
  • Energy Instrumentation Laboratory.
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