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Department of Biotechnology engages in all the diverse arena of basic and applied biotechnology for student projects and faculty research. The following ongoing projects include:

Project 1
Title of the Project
Establishment of Bioinformatics Infrastructure (BIF) for the promotion of Biology Teaching through Bioinformatics.
Funding Agency Apex Bioinformatics Centre, Deptt. of Biotechnology, New Delhi.
Coordinator Prof. (Dr.) V.Verma, Dean,COS
Grant amount Rs. 20 Lakhs
Project 2
Title of the Project Establishment of Herbal Garden Trikuta Hills at SMVDU University.
Funding Agency National Medicinal Plants Board, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
Coordinator Prof. (Dr.) V.Verma, Dean,COS
Principal Investigator Dr. Sharada M. Potukuchi, Asstt. Prof.
Grant amount Rs. 10 Lakhs
Project 3
Title of the Project Fermentative production of lactic acid from Mahua flowers
Funding Agency TRIFED, New Delhi
Principal Investigator Prof. (Dr.) V.Verma, Dean,COS
Co-Investigator Dr. Preeti Sharma
Grant amount Rs. 14.95 Lakhs


The School of Biotechnology offers Ph.D. to limited number of candidates preferably in the areas of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and plant Biotechnology. Admission to Ph.D. programme is possible any time in the year through College Research Committee (CRC). Limited number of Research Assistantships for Ph.D. students is available which is decided on merit by the CRC, subject to the rules of the University.


  • Mr. Munish Sharma
  • Mr. Venkatesham K.
  • Ms. Reena Singh
  • Mr. Feroz Raja
  • Mr. Ch. Pradeep Reddy
  • Mr. P. Elisha
  • Mr. Amit Kumar Pradan
  • Mr. T.Jitender Reddy

The following ongoing Investigational Projects:

Investigational Project Title IBT, Students (Sem. VIII) Faculty Concerned
''Identification of Bacillus thuriengenesis  insecticidal endotoxin gene sequence from the local bacterial source in J&K state.'' Parmeshwar N. Sharma Prof. V.Verma
Supal Sharma
Venika Saini Dr. Ratna Chandra
Mithilesh Kumar

Faculty has already submitted several research projects for funding to various agencies such as DST, DBT, MoEF, UGC etc. individually and in collaboration with Indian Institute of Integrative Medicines {Earlier RRL} (CSIR), Jammu.

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