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M. B. A. Programme (2 Years, Full-time Program)

The School of Business offers 2 year full time M.B.A. program with intake capacity of 60 seats with different areas of specialization. The regular teaching is supplemented by intensive computer based laboratory work on software packages. Research, Practical training and field work are essential components in the completion of Degree. A combination of technical skills, value orientation and in depth understanding of the issues has been tried out to generate wide range of choices resulting in attractive employment opportunities at the completion of the program. All this is imparted in a course work offered in a flexible mode.

The MBA course curriculum combines a sound conceptual grounding in Basic Economics, Quantitative Techniques, Operation Research and Operations Management with specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management. The first two semesters of the programme consist of compulsory courses geared to provide a solid foundation in basic concepts and analytical tools. Optional papers are placed in the third and fourth semester allowing students to specialize in the area of their choices.

Students are required to go through compulsory eight to ten weeks summer training at the end of second semester. At the end of the fourth semester students are required to submit dissertation in their areas of specialization.

Overall Structure

Duration Min. : 2 Years Max. : 3 Years
Total Credits 80
Non-Credit Courses: 2 courses


1. Core Module: 17 Modules of 3 credits
1 module of 2 credits
1 modules of 1 credit
2. Non-Credit courses 3 modules
3. Elective Module Specialization streams - Dual Specializations:
Elective A5 (10 credits)
Elective B5 (10 credits)
4. Research Module Major Project in any Elective area that carrie
s 3 credits (Evaluated through Project report/ Dissertation with viva voce
by an external examiner)
5.Industrial Training Summer Training for 8-10 weeks that carries 3 credits
(Evaluated through internal expert panel)

List of Courses

General Courses Semester I

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUL 6021Organization Behaviour3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6041Management Accounting3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6061Business Economics3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6011Business Environment3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6012Qunt. Analysis for Managerial Decision3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6031Marketing Management3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6013Business Communication2 credits(2-0-0)

Non-Credit Courses

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUN 6014Computer Applications for Managers(2-0-2)Non-Credit
BUC 6011Viva-voceNon-Credit

General Courses Semester II

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUL 6022Human Resource Management3 credits (3-0-0)
BUL 6042Corporate Finance3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6015Management Science3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6016Production & Operations Management3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6051Supply Chain Management3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6221Research Methodology3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 6018Business Laws3 credits(3-0-0)
BUC 6012Viva voce1 credit

General Courses Semester III

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUL 7011Strategic Management3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 7012Entrepreneurship Development3 credits(3-0-0)
BUT 7011Summer Training Report Presentation and Viva-voce3 credits

Non-Credit Courses

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUN 7011Basics of French LanguageNon Credit(2-0-0)

General Courses Semester IV

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUL 7013Total Quality Management3 credits(3-0-0)
BUL 7014Project Management3 credits(3-0-0)
BUD7011Major Project3 credits

Elective Modules

Finance (Specialization) Semester III

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUE 7041Advanced Financial Management2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7042Working Capital Management2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7043Security Analysis & Portfolio Management2 credits(2-0-0)
Semester IV
BUE 7044Financial Derivatives and Risk Management2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7045Financial Markets & Institutions2 credits(2-0-0)

Marketing (Specialization) Semester III

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUE 7031Strategic Marketing2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7032Advertising & Branding2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7033Rural Marketing2 credits(2-0-0)
Semester IV
BUE 7034Services Marketing2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7035Retailing & Merchandising2 credits(2-0-0)

Human Resource Management (Specialization) Semester III

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUE 7021Management of Industrial Relations2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7022Organizational Psychology2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7023Management of Change & OD2 credits(2-0-0)
Semester IV
BUE 7024Strategic & International HRM2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7025Performance Management2 credits(2-0-0)

Supply Chain Management Semester III

Code Subject Credit L-T-P
BUE 7051Logistics Management2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7052Global Logistics Management2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7053Relationship & Supplier Management2 credits(2-0-0)
Semester IV
BUE 7054Information Management & Supply Chain Networking2 credits(2-0-0)
BUE 7056Supply Chain Modeling & Corporate Practices2 credits(2-0-0)
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