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Master's Programme in English


M.A. English is designed particularly for those students who  wish to pursue English as an all inclusive and multi-disciplinary field of  study. The substantive foci of the programme is to familiarize the students  with the intellectually stimulating mix of the classical and the modern, the  conformist and the reactionary, the central and the peripheral, the  inter-disciplinary and the intra-disciplinary , the personal and the political  that the field of English studies has become today. The present programme aims  at the study of the dynamics of both literature and language so as to give a  firmer footing to the students of English. While designing the courses,  emphasis has been laid on orienting the students to the study of different  genres of literature and exposing them to the wide variety of English  literatures which is the current trend in the field. However, the first two  semesters includes the courses which introduce to the student concepts, issues,  debates and developments in English language and language teaching. An  inclusion of these courses increases considerably the already high  employability of the English postgraduates.

An important aspect of the syllabus is that considerable  care has been taken to keep in mind the requirements of qualifying exams like  SLET and NET and other competitive exams in English.

The programme incorporates a dissertation which students  will be required to submit in the final semester of the programme. An adequate  literary training requires ability to research and write substantial papers.  The dissertation, it is expected, will enable students to write their first  long and independent thesis under faculty supervision.

Details of Programme of Study & Syllabus of Courses Offered by School of Languages Batch 2012 Details of Programme of Study & Syllabus of Courses Offered by School of Languages Batch 2010


Course Structure

Semester I
Code Subject L-T-P Credit
PLNL 101P British Poetry -I 3-1-0 4
PLNL 102P British Drama-I 3-1-0 4
PLNL 103P British Fiction-I 3-1-0 4
PLNL 104P British Non-Fiction-I 3-1-0 4
PLNL 105P Introduction. to Linguistics & English Language Teaching-I 3-1-0 4
Total Credits 20
Semester II
Code Subject L-T-P Credit
PLNL 106P British Poetry -Il 3-1-0 4
PLNL 107P British Drama-Il 3-1-0 4
PLNL 108P British Fiction-Il 3-1-0 4
PLNL 109P British Non-Fiction-Il 3-1-0 4
PLNL 110P Introduction. to Linguistics & English Language Teaching-Il 3-1-0 4
Total Credits 20
Semester III
Code Subject L-T-P Credit
PLNL 201P American Literature 3-1-0 4
PLNL 202P Post-colonial literature 3-1-0 4
PLNL 203P Literature in Translation 3-1-0 4
PLNL 204P Literary Criticism-I 3-1-0 4
PLNL 205P Introduction to Cultural Studies 3-1-0 4
Total Credits 20
Semester IV
Code Subject L-T-P Credit
PLNL 206P Literary Criticism-II 3-1-0 4
PLNL 207P Introduction to Gender Studies 3-1-0 4
PLNL 208P Dissertation & Seminar 0-1-0 8+4
Total Credits 20

List of Compulsory Courses

wide variety of optional courses is being recommended here. However, which of these will be made available to students and in which semester will be decided by the school of Philosophy and Culture.

1 British Poetry from Chaucer to Gray.
2 British Drama from Marlowe to Congreve.
3 British Fiction from Aphra Behn to George Eliot.
4 British Non-Fiction from Thomas More to Bacon.
5 British Poetry from Wordsworth to Heaney
6 British Drama from Shaw to Pinter.
7 British Fiction-II from Thomas hardy to Kinsley Amis.
8 British Non-Fiction-II from Addison to Russell.
9 Introduction to Linguistics & English Language Teaching-I
10 Introduction to Linguistics & English Language Teaching-II
11 Literary Criticism-I
12 Literary Criticism-II
13 Literature in Translation
14 American Literature
15 Post Colonial Literature
16 Introduction to Cultural Studies
17 Introduction to Gender Studies
18 Dissertation

Certificate Course in French Language (CCFL)

In the first phase of its endeavor to impart foreign  language courses, School of Languages is offering a Certificate Course in  French language, a language which is the official or language of use in some 50  countries all over the world. With regard to the French language, when we come  down to our country, India is collaborating with developed and the developing  French speaking countries especially in Africa. In the past and especially in  India a large number of universities and Academic institutions are introducing  foreign language courses including French. Sixty students from various  disciplines of engineering and some from management have registered for the  course.

Professor Romey Borges, Former Chairperson, French centre  JNU, Delhi & a Specialist in the teaching of French as a Foreign language  in the Indian context is the Instructor of the course.

The prime objective of the course is to build a strong base  for the four language skills and to gradually initiate the students to reading  French magazines and newspapers.


  • Emphasis on speaking.
  • Knowledge and application of the International  Phonetic Alphabet to the French Language.
  • Exposure to French speaking countries in  addition to France
  • Continuous evaluation of performance. Written  & oral tests followed by the final examination.
  • Autonomous learning of the French language with  the help of the Dictionary prescribed.

 Books Prescribed:

Makowski, Francois.2005, French Made Easy. Goyal    Publishers& Distributors Pvt. Ltd. New  Delhi  &  Langendscheidt Bilingual Pocket French  Dictionary. Goyal Publishers Ltd. Films and Songs in French.

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