Department of Energy Management: Courses

M Tech. (Energy Management)

Presently, the Department is offering a 3 years M. Tech. programme on part-time basis; it is a 6 semester programme consisting of several courses which include heat transfer,  energy economics and planning, non-conventional energy sources, and compulsory Industrial/Field Training and a research project of one-semester duration. At present, the maximum intake of students in M. Tech. programme is limited to 30.

Course Structure

Semester I

Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEML 101P Fuel Technology 3-0-0 3
EEML 102P Heat Transfer 3-0-0 3
EEML 103P Principles of Energy Conversion 3-0-0 3
EEML 104P Technology Forecasting and Assessment 3-0-0 3
Total Credits 12-0-0 12

Semester II

Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEML 105P Non Conventional Energy Sources 3-0-0 3
EEML 106P Industrial Energy Management 3-0-0 3
EEML 107P Project Evaluation and Management 3-0-0 3
EEML 108P Energy Lab. 0-0-4 2
Total Credits 9-0-2 11

Semester III

Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEML 201P Solar Energy Utilization 3-0-0 3
EEML 202P Energy Economics and Planning 3-0-0 3
EEML 2XXP Program Electtive-I 3-0-0 3
Total Credits 9-0-0 9

Semester IV

Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEML 203P Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants: Planning, Design and Balance of Systems 3-0-0 3
EEML 204P Power Plant Engineering 3-0-0 3
EEML 2XXP Program Elective II 3-0-0 3
Total Credits 9-0-0 9

Semester V

Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEMT 301P Industrial/Field Training(To be conducted in summer vacations and cost to be borne by the students) 0-0-30 15
EEMD 302P Major Project Part-I 0-0-12 6
Total Credits 0-0-42 21

Semester VI

Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEMD 303P Major Project 0-0-40 20
Total Credits 0-0-40 20


Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEME 201P Wind and Small Hydro Systems 3-0-0 3
EEME 202P Energy Efficiency in Buildings 3-0-0 3
EEME 203P Solar passive architecture 3-0-0 3
EEME 204P Decentralized generation systems 3-0-0 3
EEME 205P Pollution control in power plants 3-0-0 3
EEME 206P Cogeneration and Energy Efficiency 3-0-0 3


Code Subject L-T-P Credit
EEME 207P Instrumentation and Control in Energy Systems 3-0-0 3
EEME 208P Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy 3-0-0 3
EEME 209P Energy Storage 3-0-0 3
EEME 210P Demand Side Management of Energy 3-0-0 3
EEME 211P Solar Refregeration and Air Conditioning 3-0-0 3