Student Hostels


The hall of residence for the students have been designed to provide sufficient interaction among the students, yet with the maximum possibility of personal space. The girls' and the boys' hostel are located at walking distance to any school. The rooms in the hostels are spacious and ventilated. Both the girls' and the boys' hostel comprise single and shared rooms with quality infra-structural facilities. These hostels have the capacity to accommodate around 400 girls and 1000 boys. The Hostels are identified by names of Mountain Ranges

Boy's Hostel:
Trikuta, Kailash, Nilgiri & Vindhyachal

Girl's Hostel
Shivalik, Vaishnavi

In the master plan of the university there is a provision of eight boys' hostels and three girls' hostels. The hostel have ample physical space for facilities such as reading room, an indoor games room, TV in common room and a lounge etc. The Mess facility is avaiable within the hostels and all meals are provided in the Mess as per the schedule.  The choice of Menu for the month is made in consultation with the Mess Committee consisting of the students in that hostel.  Warden & Hostel Caretaker are responsible for the Hostels while Student Committees are formed for efficient running of the Hostels.  Internet facility is provided to the Hostels. 


The Dean of Students is the head of the hostel management. He is assisted in his administrative responsibilities by Associate Deans and Wardens who are faculty members drawn from various schools. The administrative head of each hostel, the Warden, is a faculty member. There is House Working Committee at the Hostel level. The Hostel Working Committee of each hostel is composed of Warden, Hostel Secretary, Mess Secretary, Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Maintenance Secretary and other representatives. The committee is responsible to ensure smooth, healthy and active pattern of life in each hostel. For operational convenience, the Hostel Working Committee has an Executive Committee and four Sub-Committees namely Mess Committee, House Maintenance and Cleanliness Committee, Common Room Committee and Hostel Honours Committee.The creation of such a working system has been done to ensure that the students are provided with an opportunity to lay down appropriate norms of behaviour to suit different situations and social occasions in the hostels.

Hostel Rules, Conduct & Discipline(Male & Female Students)

Hostel Resident's Guide Book V1.0

Download: Hostel Resident's Guide Book


A student shall conform to a high standard of discipline and shall conduct himself/herself, within and outside the premises of the University, in a manner befitting the students of University. He/she shall have the seriousness of purpose and shall in every way, train himself/herself to lead a life of earnest endeavor and co-operation. He/she shall show due courtesy and consideration to the employees of the University and Halls of Residence, good neighborliness to his/her fellow students, respect to the Wardens of the Halls of Residence and the teachers of the University and pay due attention and courtesy to visitors. Ragging in any form is banned in SMVD University. The University treats ragging as a cognizable offence and stern action will be taken against the offenders. To safeguard ideals of scholarship, character and personal behaviour, the University reserves the right of withdrawal/expulsion of any student at any time for any reason deemed sufficient. Ragging of any kind and of any manner is strictly prohibited as per order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. Any body found involved in an act of intimidation / abuse to a fresh student is liable to be prosecuted/ restricted under law.

Honour Code

In order to promote ethical behaviour, the University requires every student to agree to abide by the Honour Code. At the time of admission, every student has to sign the Honour Code and submit a copy to the respective academic section. Violations of this Code are taken very seriously and may result in suspension or expulsion. The Honour Code is given at the end of this document.

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Alumni Talk


Nikhil Sharma | B.Tech
- Dassault  Systems
- PLM Developer

SMVDU is an excellent place for learning with great faculty and State of the Art infrastructure in terms of practical knowledge in engineering sciences. This is the place where I inculcated all my academic and professional knowledge and face the challenges of a professional future.
"Salutes to my Alma Mater"


Anshuman Mishra | B.Tech
- IBM, Pune
- System Operation Lead Specialist

"At SMVDU, I have had the privilege to be taught by professors who really care about my academic progress, and I've benefitted from this immensely.Not only have I honed my professional skills at SMVDU but have grown more culturally aware. SMVDU provides the resources necessary for concretizing your goals and ambitions - whatever they may be. The opportunities I've been furnished with at SMVDU range from meeting diverse people and building solid, long-lasting friendships to enjoying the exciting scenic beauty. ...


Rahul Pandey | B.Tech
-Batch 2005-09
- Cleared Civil Services Examination 2010

"The alma mater of a student plays a defining role in his/her life. It is the place where the final touches to the personality of a young kid are given. SMVDU laid the foundation of my success in civil services as it provided the apt environment for achieving my aim. A lively environment on the campus, good guidance by teachers and an ideal environment for learning-that's what SMVDU is in my eyes ...


Gaurav Handoo | B.Tech
- Xalted Info. Systems
- Test Engineer

"I used to think that any university must have insufficient amenities as compared to IITs but at SMVDU I witnessed world class infrastructure coming into existence right in front of my eyes. Faculty members helped me gain academically as well as developing an all round personality...


Anup Rastogi | B.Tech
- Nokia Siemens Network
- Core (NSS) Engineer

SMVDU today is very well known as an premier instution and being at the university, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the country, which has broadened my perspective and that’s the best thing about this place. It was so easy to develop closeness to the teachers and fellow students in a calm, seren environment but the academic grinding was intense...


Pratima Labroo | B.Tech
- University of Dundee, UK
- M.S (Biomedical Engineering)

. The course at SMVDU required hard work and some serious studying, that being said I enjoyed every minute of it; thanks to my classmates, teachers and especially working on projects each year enabled me in developing my skills. It prepared me and helped me identify what I really enjoyed doing and my future goals. After B.Tech completion I went on for a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering at University of Dundee, U.K. I am planning to follow up with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and establish my career in academics and research...


Supreet Lakhotia | B.Tech
- Forbes Marshall Ltd., Pune
- Marketing Engineer

SMVDU gave me the flexibility to explore my potential and my stay here has been a journey of self realization. The campus is serene, has excellent infrastructure and you can really enter neck deep in you preparations to fulfil your career aspirations. My Faculty Mentor helped me at every step including helping me getting placed with Forbes Marshall...


Ishaan Ratanpal | B.Tech
- Ogilvy & Mather
- Advertising Executive

Currently pursuing Branding & Advertising as a career, I believe the most important lesson that SMVDU has taught me is to keep striving for what you want to achieve with relentless passion, perseverance, honesty and hard-work. The faculty and the environment provided me the confidence to harness my hidden potential, which would not have been possible otherwise. ...


Ikhlaq Singh | B.Tech
- Accenture Consulting
- HR Executive

"At SMVDU, the location, the beautiful campus, hostels, friends and most important the 'Faculty'; everything was like 'the perfect fit'. The kind of culture that nourishes the students in the foothills of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine is totally unrivalled. The level of education, both professional and personal is very high and the facilities are a class apart..


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