Department of Languages & Literature: Laboratory Infrastructure

In tune with one of the objectives of SMVDU i.e. to provide  education and training of excellent quality both at undergraduate and  post-graduate levels, School of Languages has set up software based Language  Laboratory System. The prime objective of the lab is to facilitate efficient  teacher-student interaction, correct phonetic accents and to develop their  effective communication skill in the present world of Global Speak. Classes  meet in the Language Lab part of the day, but there are regular "Open Lab"  hours, too.

Students can utilize the Language Lab's pronunciation and  TOEFL preparation software more quickly and easily than before. A growing  collection of audio, video, and printed materials is available for use, too,  complemented by institutional-grade audio-visual equipment. A qualified  instructor is in the Language Lab during the working hours. Students can  receive assistance with computer programs, audio equipment, and homework or  general language questions.

Mentioned below are some of the Software and their  functions:

Sky Pronunciation Suite

PRACTICE AMERICAN -ENGLISH pronouncing software with Instant  Sound

Active listening in English

English pronunciation practice with minimal pairs, e.g.  ship/sheep

Live Action English Interactive

English dialogues with: What, Who, Whose, Where, How, Which,  Why, When, Requests, Clarifications; etc.

Read up-Speed up

An interactive reading course Pronunciation of names of people, cities and countries Words with controversial or difficult pronunciation

Talk Now & Connected Speech

An interactive spoken English course

Business Writing and Business Territory: 1

Special software to cater the needs of MBA graduates

TOEFL & Author plus Pro

Advanced software for students preparing for GRE & TOEFL  & IELTS

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