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State of art research laboratories and teaching facilities are important features of the department so that the students have a hands-on experience of all the modern spheres of biotechnology. Initially, the school is having five laboratories.

Molecular Biology Research Lab:

This laboratory caters to research work on Metagenomics, Genomics, DNA fingerprinting of plants. Currently two research scholars are carrying out full-time interdisciplinary research work in the lab. The laboratory infrastructure includes the latest gel electrophoretic systems in all working sizes, gel documentation system, -200C deep freezer, fully computerized double beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer and miscellaneous equipments like temperature controlled water baths, vortex shakers, gel rockers etc.

Microbiology Research Laboratory:

A spacious laboratory, equipped with microscopes, incubator shaker, single beam spectrophotometer and laminar air flow. The laboratory also contains fully computerised lab scale Fermentor (Sartorius) and an advanced fully computerised Gas chromatography system which is being used to carry out research in the field of metabolite production from microbial biomass.

Bioinformatics Centre:

The bioinformatics centre is equipped with its own server, 30 computers and a dedicated 4 Mbps internet connection. The lab is facilitated with the latest software installed on four workstations, where currently work is being carried out in the field of molecular modelling, in-silico drug design and molecular graphics.

Tissue culture laboratory:

This is an advanced laboratory constructed on the latest design that serves all the necessary aspects of modern tissue culture work. Full-time research is being carried out in the field of micropropagation and plant metabolite production with pharmacological properties. The lab is equipped with the latest laminar air flow chamber, incubator shaker, and plant growth room with controlled light, humidity and temperature conditions.

Chemistry Lab-I:

The Organic Chemistry laboratory provides all the necessary infrastructure needed for various experiments during the research work as well as the school curriculum. Research work is being carried out in the field of enzyme mediated organic synthesis and biotransformation. The lab is equipped with reflux chambers, titration apparatus, and temperature controlled water-baths for use in experiments.

Chemistry Lab-II:

This is the inorganic chemistry laboratory serving the purpose of carrying out various experiments during research work as well as school curriculum. the laboratory is equipped with reflux chambers, Fume-hood, melting point apparatuses, chromatography cabinets temperature controlled water baths for use in experiments.

Biotechnology laboratory:

This is the basic biotechnology laboratory used for school curriculum laboratory work in the subjects of biochemistry, immunology and bioprocess engineering. The laboratory is equipped with the latest instruments and apparatus including a BOD incubator, Windows operated pH meter, a fully computerised double beam spectrophotometer and Gel Electrophoretic units.

Microbiology laboratory:

It is a basic microbiology laboratory, and caters to laboratory work for undergraduate students. Currently, research work is being carried out in the field of Bioethanol production in the laboratory. The lab is equipped with the latest microscopes, fume-hood and autoclave facility for use in various experiments.

Molecular biology laboratory:

It is the basic molecular biology laboratory where work on DNA manipulation is being done for school curriculum. Also the laboratory caters carrying out student investigational projects on gene cloning for different target genes.

Conference room:

This latest facility installed in the department is equipped with a dedicated 2 Mbps line for worldwide video conferencing which is a significant step forward to advanced and collaborative research being carried out at the department.

Department of Biotechnology engages in all the diverse arena of basic and applied biotechnology for student projects and faculty research. The following ongoing projects include:

Project 1
Title of the Project Establishment of Bioinformatics Infrastructure (BIF) for the promotion of Biology Teaching through Bioinformatics.
Funding Agency Apex Bioinformatics Centre, Deptt. of Biotechnology, New Delhi.
Coordinator Prof. (Dr.) V.Verma, Dean,FOE
Grant amount Rs. 20 Lakhs
Project 2
Title of the Project Establishment of Herbal Garden Trikuta Hills at SMVDU University.
Funding Agency National Medicinal Plants Board, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
Coordinator Prof. (Dr.) V.Verma, Dean,FOE
Grant amount Rs. 10 Lakhs
Project 3
Title of the Project Fermentative production of lactic acid from Mahua flowers
Funding Agency TRIFED, New Delhi
Principal Investigator Prof. (Dr.) V.Verma, Dean,FOE
Co-Investigator Dr. Preeti Sharma
Grant amount Rs. 14.95 Lakhs
Research Programme

The School of Biotechnology offers Ph.D. to limited number of candidates preferably in the areas of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and plant Biotechnology. Admission to Ph.D. programme is possible any time in the year through College Research Committee (CRC). Limited number of Research Assistantships for Ph.D. students is available which is decided on merit by the CRC, subject to the rules of the University.

Research Scholars
  • Mr. Munish Sharma
  • Mr. Venkatesham K.
  • Ms. Reena Singh
  • Mr. Feroz Raja
  • Mr. Ch. Pradeep Reddy
  • Mr. P. Elisha
  • Mr. Amit Kumar Pradan
  • Mr. T.Jitender Reddy

The following ongoing Investigational Projects:

Investigational Project Title IBT, Students (Sem. VIII) Faculty Concerned
Identification of Bacillus thuriengenesis insecticidal endotoxin gene sequence from the local bacterial source in J&K state. Parmeshwar N. Sharma Prof. V.Verma

Faculty has already submitted several research projects for funding to various agencies such as DST, DBT, MoEF, UGC etc. individually and in collaboration with Indian Institute of Integrative Medicines {Earlier RRL} (CSIR), Jammu.


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