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SMVDU Katra: The North India Student Parliament (NISP) – a non-political platform for sensitizing the youth for nation building, was inaugurated by Dr. Jitendra Singh, the Hon’ble Minister PMO, at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University on 26th March. The two-day event witnesses participation of more than 100 outstation participants, from as far North East as Dibrugarh. Dr. Jitendra highlighted in his speech the role of NISP as an internship of a responsible citizenship and values of democracy. The parliamentary model that our country adopted after independence is though in its infancy stage – if compared to the history of polity, yet it has proved its worth and acceptability for last 70 years. The success of the parliamentary model has compensated various pitfalls that one may point out. We often compare the success or failure of a governance type with the age of mortal human beings and find it easy to blame the government, but one must remember that in case of a country – a civilization, histories are written in centuries. The most remarkable feature of Indian democracy is that the common man in India has grown much wiser than the politicians. The old tricks of politicians – the politics of caste, creed, religion and the politics of disruption are failing now. A voter today does not approve of the politics of disruption, people are not going to forgive the politics of disruption. Growth and development is the main chord, not the opportunistic politics. In a country like India where the demography is dominated by youth, the guidelines of development should be youth-centric, rather the entire future rode-map should be youth-centric. It is important for all of us to understand that the young generation is at departure from the earlier age and outlook of political values.

drjitendrafalicitateDr. Sanjeev Jain, the Vice Chancellor highlighted in his address the need to understand and strengthen the democratic values among the younger generation which is more techno-centric and he also emphasized the fact the SMVDU has already taken initiative in this regard by introducing a platform like NISP. Prof. V. K. Bhat Registrar, Dr. Yugal Khajuria Dean of Students, Dr. T. R. Raina, Guest of Honour shared the dais. Dr. V. K. Tripathi, President BCA presented welcome address and Mr. Chandan Maurya student coordinator presented the vote of thanks. Dr. T. R. Raina in his talk highlighted the benefits of yoga, particularly for a stress-free life for youth. Prof. S. K. Sharma, former State Information Commissioner elaborately presented to the students the history of Jammu and Kashmir and its Constitution. Dr. Ashutosh Vashishtha spoke on the present economic scenario of the country and the challenges for the youth.



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