Sharma Vandhana
fac_vandana Sharma, Vandhana , Associate Professor & Head of Department

Qualifications: M. A ( English), Ph. D.
Area of Specialization : African Literature , Indian Writings in English
Area of Interest:
Post Colonial Literature, Gender Studies, Indian English Drama, Translation & Regional Literature
vandhana.sharma[at], vandhana_sharma[at]
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2616

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Dwivedi, Amitabh Vikram
picSMVDU_Faculty_languages-3 Dwivedi, Amitabh Vikram, Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D.(English), M.A (Linguistics), M.A B.Ed (English).
Area of Specialization : Linguistics, Functional Grammar, Generative Appro.
Area of Interest:
Semantics, Cognitive Linguistics, Locative Expressions.
Phone : 01991-285524 Mobile: 94192-15764 Extn.: 2617

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Sharma, Neeru
picSMVDU_Faculty_languages-5 Sharma, Neeru, Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D.
Area of Specialization : British Fiction.
Area of Interest:
Phone : 01991-285524 Mobile: 94198-92613 Extn.: 2619

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Kumar, Anurag
fohss_dranurag Kumar, Anurag, Assistant Professor
Qualifications: M.A.(English), NET, Ph. D.(IIT Roorkee)
Area of Specialization : African American Literature, Marginal Literature
Area of Interest: Folk Literature, Literary Theory and Co-Cultural Communication
E-mail: anurag.kumar[at]smvdu[dot]ac[dot]in, anuragkumariitr[at]gmail[dot]com, anuragkumar.lko[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone :01991-285524 Ext.:2620(O) Mob.:9906153845
Malhotra, Isha
soll_isha Malhotra, Isha , Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. A. English (Gold-Medalist), UGC NET, Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Area of Specialization : Gender Studies
Area of Interest:
Literary Theory, Women's Writing
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2618