An Interview with Sh. Balbir Singh, Assistant Professor, & Director in charge School of Mechanical Engineering
picSMVDU_Faculty_Mechanical-3 Mr. Balbir Singh is an Assistant Professor & Director of the School of Mechanical Engineering at the university. Mr. Singh has an excellent academic record and is an M.Tech from GNE College, Ludhiana Punjab. His specialization is in the field of Mechanical Production and he is currently pursuing PhD from NIT Kurukshetra. His area of research is Non Conventional Machining Method in Production field. Mr. Singh shares his ideas & thoughts with us.

Mr. Singh, many thanks for taking time out and speaking to us. Sir, tell us a little bit about your Academic and Research background?

Mr. Singh: After 12th class from J&K Board in 1984, I joined Indian Air Force as Airman in Mechanical Stream and served 16 years where I got opportunity to work in maintenance of fighter aircrafts and avionics equipments. I did my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Institution of Engineering, Kolkata and M.Tech in Mechanical Production from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana Punjab. At present I am doing my PhD from NIT Kurukshetra in Non Conventional Machining Method which is used for machining of materials irrespective of their hardness. I started my teaching career as Lecturer in Lingaya’s College, Fridabad (now Lingaya’s University) in 2001 and joined SMVDU as Assistant Professor in 2007.

Sir, Can you tell us a little bit about the field of Mechanical engineering in general and the current research areas? What are the Career options for students in these fields currently?

Mr. Singh:Mechanical Engineering encompasses vast fields. It deals with the designing of tools and mechanical devices for the industry and common people. Each and every industry, whether it may be thermal/hydro power station, air conditioning industry, automobile industry, gas turbines, jet engines or refrigeration industry, needs the services of mechanical engineers for designing, developing, installing, operating and maintaining the varied kind of machines. Within branch, it has three broad specializations like thermal engineering, design, and production engineering etc. For higher study, one can opt latest field of Mechanical Engineering like Robotics, Computer Aided Designing/Computer Aided Manufacturing, Automation, Thermal/Fluids Engineering, Systems and Design Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Automobile Engineering etc Mechanical Engineers have vast opportunities of employment in public and private sector industries like automobile industry, steel plants, space research organization, oil exploration and refining, technical wings of armed forces, Railways, Government departments like PWD, CPWD, Post and Telegraph etc. Aeronautical, chemical, agriculture and power plants also require mechanical engineers for designing, developing and maintaining machines/equipments for them. Mechanical Engineers also work as consultants in technical/sales or marketing sectors. Even software companies also prefer Mechanical Engineers for developing software for industrial applications to meet the ever increasing demand of digitization and automation of processes in the industries.

What are the current research projects that you are working on? What are the research areas that the School is focusing on?

Mr. Singh: School is focusing on research in non conventional machining methods, tribology field, composite material, computer integrated manufacturing, maintenance engineering and ergonomics fields etc.

Sir, what is your impression about the students here at SMVDU and what is your advice to them for achieving success in their career?

Mr. Singh: Students coming at B.Tech , M.Tech and Ph.D levels are very sincere, hard working. They represent the best lot from the society. They are showing lot of interest in doing innovating and societal benefitted projects. They are representing SMVDU at various national technical and cultural forums. SME students made All Terrain Vehicle and participated in competition in SAE BAJA 2012. Most of passed out students got good placements including core companies like Mahindra and BOCSH. My advice to present and future students is to work with passion and develop healthy and self learning habits.

Mr. Singh, What is your advice for achieving success in the mission and vision of SMVDU?

Mr. Singh: For achieving success in any mission and vision, one needs to have both technical and non technical competencies. They shall be equipped with problem solving skills using technical knowledge. Apart from technical competency, development of non technical competencies like good interpersonal relationship, communication skill, perseverance, honesty, team-work, management skill, taking responsibility and initiative, loyalty to nation and above all a good human being are the basis pillars for rise to any limit in the life.

Mr. Singh: Sir, Many thanks for sparing your precious time to speak to us and for advising the students.

Mr. Singh: Thanks you for giving me opportunity to share my views. I wish all my students best luck for their bright and successful personal and professional life.