Pandit, Amit Kant
fac_ece_akpandit Pandit, Amit Kant - Associate Professor, Head of Department, SECE

Ph. D., DAC, B. Tech.
Area of Specialization:DSP, DIP, Signal and Systems ,Microprocessor
Area of Interest:
Image Processing, Digital Hardware Design.
E-mail : amit.pandit[at], amitkantpandit[at]
Phone :
01991-285524Ext: 2332
Kakkar, Vipan
ece_vipan_kakar Kakkar, Vipan  - Associate Professor

Qualifications: B.E, M.E, DEng., D. Sc (Video Codecs) Submitted
Area of Specialization: VLSI, Embedded Systems, Video Processing.             
Research Interest:
  VLSI, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524      Ext.: 2339
Gupta, Sumeet
Gupta, Sumeet  - Assistant Professor, SECE & I/C Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)

Qualifications: B. E., M. Tech., Ph.D.
Area of Specialization: Digital System Design, Embedded Systems, Circuit design & simulation
Research Interest:
  Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communications, 
E-mail :
sumeet.gupta[at], sumeet1_gupta[at],
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2327
Jha, Kumud Ranjan
coekumudranjanjha Jha, Kumud Ranjan  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: AMIE, M.E, Ph.D., Post. Doc. (San Diego State University, USA)
Area of Specialization: Microwave Engineering, Communication Systems.
Research Interest:
THz Antenna, THz Electronics, Reconfigurable Antenna, MIMO System, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Devices.
E-mail :
kumud.ranjan[at], jhakr[at]
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2329
Sabraj, Manish
picSMVDU_Faculty_electronics_comm-19 Sabraj, Manish - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B. E., M. Tech, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Control System & digital Signal Processing, Digital communication, control system and signal processing
E-mail : manish.sabraj[at], manishsabraj[at]
Phone :
01991-285524, 9419230105 (M), Extn: 2330
Kotwal, Shashi Bhushan
picSMVDU_Faculty_electronics_comm-18 Kotwal, Shashi Bhushan - Assistant Professor

B. E, M. Tech.
Research Interest: Microprocessor, Wireless Communications & Signal Processing, Sensor Networks
E-mail :[at], sbkotwal[at]
Phone :
01991-285524 Extn: 2331
Suri, Ashish
picSMVDU_Faculty_electronics_comm-13 Suri, Ashish -Assistant Professor
Qualifications: B. E., M. Tech.
Area of Specialization: Wireless & Mobile Communication,Digital Signal Processing.
Area of Interest:
Wireless & Mobile Communication, Computer Networks & Digital Signal Processing.
E-mail :
 Phone: 01991-285524 Ext:2337
Bhardwaj, Anil Kumar
fac_ece_anil Bhardwaj, Anil Kumar  - Assitant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech, M.Tech
Area of Specialization: VLSI Design, Semiconductor devices, RFIC.             
Research Interest:
  VLSI Design, Embedded Systems.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524      Ext: 2333
Tripathi, Neeraj
ntripathi Tripathi, Neeraj  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: PDSL ( NEMS/MEMS ) EU, M.Tech (Microelectronics) IIT Kgp, B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Area of Specialization: MEMS,NEMS,VLSI, Circuit Designing, VLSI Design, Device Modeling
Research Interest:
VLSI CAD Simulation, T-CAD based designing, Nanoelectronics, Silicon Radiation Detectors, MEMS Designing.
E-mail :
neeraj.tripathi[at], ntripathi[at]lycos[dot]com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2328
Gupta, Swastik
Swastik_photograph Gupta, Swastik  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech
Area of Specialization: Computer Networks, Wireless Networks.             
Research Interest:
  Embedded Systems, Virtual Instrumentation, Distributed Control Systems
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524     Ext: 2340
Jha, Rakesh Kumar
ecefac_jha Jha, Rakesh Kumar - Assistant Professor
B. E., M. Tech., Ph.D 
Area of Specialization: 
Wireless Communication, Network Security issues.
Area of Interest:
Digital Communication, Computer Networks, Optical Fiber Communication.
E-mail :
rakesh.jha[at] ; jharakesh.45[at]   
2245(O)  Phone: 01991-285524  
Hazra, Purnima
sece_purnima Hazra, Purnima  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: AMIETE, M.Tech [Burdwan University], Ph.D submitted [IIT (BHU)]
Area of Specialization: Semiconductor devices and circuits, Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics.
Research Interest:  Nanomaterials, Nano and Optoelectronic devices,  Thin film technology. 
E-mail :
 Purnima.hazra[at]smvdu[dot]ac[dot]in, Purnimahazra26[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 9622273338
Gupta, Sachin Kumar
sece_sachin Gupta, Sachin Kumar- Assistant Professor
Qualifications: B. Tech [NIT Raipur], M. Tech [IIT (BHU), Varanasi], Ph.D [IIT (BHU), Varanasi]
Area of Specialization:Wireless Networking, Computer Networks, Data Communications, Systems Theory
Research Interest:
Ad-hoc Networks (Mobile & Wireless Sensors), Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

E-mail :
sachin.gupta[at],[at], sachin.stm02[at]
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2243(O), 6243 (H), (+91) 9086752707
Singh, Vikram
sece__vikram Singh, Vikram  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Tech., Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Area of Specialization: VLSI Design, Digital Design using VERILOG and VHDL 
Research Interest:
  Low Power CMOS, RF Integrated Circuits, LNA Design  
E-mail : vikram.singh
[at], vikram.jangra[at],
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2244(O), 6244(R), (+91) 9466754797
Sharma, Vijay Kumar
05022015_vijay Sharma, Vijay Kumar- Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B. Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Area of Specialization:Low Power VLSI Design, Process Variation Aware Design
Research Interest:
VLSI Design, Low Power Circuit Design, Sub-threshold Operation of Circuits, Bootstrapped Circuits, Low Voltage Electronics, Nanoscale CMOS Device/Circuits/System Co-Design.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2241