Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer  Science & Engineering has been set up to impart training of the highest standards to the students, in the field of computers, thus preparing them to meet the exacting demands of the highly competitive global industrial market.

The Department is currently focused on providing B.Tech. & M.Tech. programs which cover exhaustively the area of Computer Science & Engineering:

Objectives & Vision of School:

  • To have a perception and a value system appropriate to the pursuit of high science and high engineering science to meet the critically evaluated needs of the society in terms if products and processes using indigenous resources.
  • To develop in each student mastery of fundamentals, versatility of mind, motivation for learning,intellectual discipline and self-reliance which provide the best foundation for continuing professional achievement;
  • To provide a liberal as well as a professional education so that each student acquires a respect for moral values, a sense of their duties as a citizen, a feeling for taste and style, and a better human understanding. All these are required for leadership to send forth men and women of the highest professional competence with a breath of learning and a character to deal constructively with issues, and problems anticipated in the next decade relevant to the Programme of development of our country.

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