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Saturday, 01 May 2010 20:23


The SMVD University is in a scenic location with a picturesque view of Adh Kuwari, which has been a major source of inspiration for the design and selection of the campus. However, the choice of this location also presented many challenges. One such challenge was the creation of an excellent, robust telephone connectivity with state-of-art equipment providing all the modern services to its users. BSNL, the only basic phone service provider so far in Jammu and Kashmir, has an old 128 line telephone exchange, in a small village (Panthal) about seven km from the campus. It was initially very difficult to get a basic phone line as most of the lines were already allocated to villages in the area. However, the University managed to get five telephone lines but on an average only three have been working. Apart from this, the University has to depend heavily on the wireless in local loop (WLL) phones and mobile phones where signal strength, quality of voice and network connection are major areas of concern. Initially the signal was derived from Sanjichat tower. However, considering its long-term needs the University took a prudent decision to invite BSNL, Udhampur to setup a higher capacity digital telephone exchange and a mobile tower in the campus. The land and building for said purpose was provided by the University. This served two purposes, one to have better telephone connectivity for the SMVDU community and secondly to hire a leased line (fiber based) for internet. Once fully functional it will also enable villagers in the adjoining areas to have a better fault-free telecommunication service. Within a period of seven months, the 512 line telephone exchange (expandable RSU of Katra) is all set for launch and the 2000 line mobile tower has started working in the first week of August 2005. Work is now progressing on the cable laying work and is already in the final stages. This has allowed SMVDU to be in a position to hire an all fibre leased line from NIB, Udhampur, which is expected to be commissioned by the year end. When we look back one year, we are able to see the development this area has seen: as soon as the basic telephone exchange is commissioned it will improve the overall electronic communication within and around the University campus. The new exchange will have two new features namely (Integrated Services Digital Network) ISDN, (Caller Line Identification) CLI apart from the other services.

So far as the internal telephone network is concerned, SMVDU has one of the latest up-to-date systems (one of the best in the state of Jammu of Jammu & Kashmir). A Siemens Hipath 4300 series IP ready communication server with 96 analog and 24 digital extensions was commissioned in the month of December 2004. With over 70 analog extensions and a couple of digital extensions already made functional in the academic and residential areas of the university, voice mail facility and voice interactive system.

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