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Communication to the outside world is of utmost importance  and that too when you are sitting in a place which is located far away from the  main city. To keep oneself update, various resources are required and one among them is Internet.

The University has a full-fledged Network center developed on Linux, Solaris and Microsoft servers. This centre serves as the control point for the Internet facility available in the University. SMVDU has commissioned Wi Fi connectivity in academic and student residential area recently. The faculty residential area has been connected to the network centre through our own broadband facility. The Network covers all departments, hostels, administrative offices, medical centre, guest house and faculty residences as well.

Since the University’s initial setting up of campus-wide network in 2005, active users of the network facilities have increased many folds and the network-based applications have increased phenomenally. This is a welcome change in the university’s academic environment. This has prompted the University administration to rapidly increase the network facilities to all the sections of the university community. Network Centre has been given the responsibility of running the university’s Intranet & Internet services

Network Centre serves as the control point for the Internet facility available in the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. It covers all Departments, Hostels, Administrative Offices, Medical Aid Centre, Guesthouse, and has even provided the services to faculty residences as well. SMVD UnivNET (SMVDU University Network) has been built using Cisco Switches, Network Management System, L3 Switch and Pix Firewalls. Internet services are provided from two Internet Service Providers viz. Reliance and BSNL. Now, SMVD UnivNET has over 1000 network connections across the campus. The essential services provided by the Network Centre includes:-

  • With the endeavor of Network Centre team, SMVDU is now a part of NKN (National Knowledge Network) connecting all Universities in India including IIT, IISc, NIT, etc.
  • Uninterrupted Internet facilities have been provided in SMVDU campus with 50 Mbps internet leased line connectivity from Reliance Communications. Also, 1 GBps Internet leased line link from BSNL under NMEICT (National Mission on Education through Information & Communication Technology) programme is successfully commissioned.
  • Virtual Classroom facility under NMEICT is being successfully tested using AVIEW. Thus, providing online teaching to the students of SMVDU by the Professors from IIT’s, IISc’s
  • Online course module for students of SMVDU is underway which after completion, acts as a central repository for all Curriculums of Engineering and Sciences stream encompassing the modules developed under NPTEL, MIT, etc.
  • Central Authentication Mechanism for Internet facility using Network Management System (Internet Gateway).
  • LAN connectivity for over 900 nodes via OFC throughout SMVDU Campus using Layer 3 Core Switch, over 35 distributions manageable switches, primary & secondary Firewall, etc.
  • Eleven Sun / IBM servers (DHCP, DNS, Proxy, Domain controller, Mail Server, Web server, Intranet Server, Symantec Antivirus Server, Library Server, Application servers for School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Management).
  • Video Conferencing facility at VC Conference Hall.
  • Computer Maintenance Cell for troubleshooting of PC/Printer/Scanner/Modem, etc.
  • Maintenance of backup facility.


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