Department of Mathematics: Activities

In addition to the routine teaching-learning activities a weekly student seminar and a weekly Scholar seminar is conducted. In student seminar, students of M.Sc. Mathematics speak on a topic suggested by the teacher-in-charge. In Scholar seminar, research students of the department speak on a particular topic from their research area. The objective is to strengthen their fundamental concepts as well as to hone their presentation skills.

Scholar's Seminar

Student's Seminar


Guest Lectures:

The Department of Mathematics organizes guest lecturers for apprising the students and research scholars about the latest developments in the field of Mathematics.

S.No. Visiting Professor Date Topic
1 Prof. B. N. Mandal (Physics and applied Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata) 10/01/2010 Integral Equations
2 Prof. S. D. Gore (Department of Statistics, University of Pune ) 10/01/2010 Artificial Neural Networks
3 Prof. B. S. Komal (Dept. of Mathematics, Jammu University) 07/04/2010 Operator Theory
4 Prof. A. P. Singh (Dept. of Mathematics, Jammu University) 07/04/2010 Functional Analysis
5 Prof. S. S. Sane (Department of Mathematics,Mumbai University) 13/05/2010 Applications of Graph Theory
6 Prof. Rajinder Jeet Hans Gill (FASc, FNA, FNASc, FTWAS, INSA Senior Scientist, Panjab University, Chandigarh) 14/05/2010 Number theory-Fermat’s Theorem
7 Prof. P. M. Gauthier, Deptt. of Mathematics,University of Montreal,Canada 22/09/2010 Reimann Hypothesis
8 Prof. A. P. Singh (H.O.D.Mathematics, Central University,Rajasthan) 28/04/2011 Cauchy's Theorem and related notions
9 Prof. A. P. Singh (H.O.D.Mathematics, Central University,Rajasthan) Oct. 24-25, 2011 Some recent developments in Complex Dynamics
10 Prof. Mursaleen, Dept. of Mathematics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh 23/02/2012 Sequence Spaces
11 Prof. Hari M. Srivastava & Prof. Rekha Srivastava, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics,University of Victoria March 17-21, 2012 Special Guest Lecture in Memory of Srinivasa Ramanujan

Academic visits: (last five years)

Academic Visits by Faculty during last five years

Other Visitors of the School:

S.No. Name Affiliation Date/Month
1. Prof. H.N. Ramaswami University of Mysore June, 2009
2. Professor Joydev Chattopadhyay ISI, Kolkata May,2011
2. Prof. H. H. Khan, Prof. Mursaleen, Prof. Noor Mohd. Khan & Prof. Shahid Ali Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh February, 2012


Student Activities