Ahmad, Tahir
dald_tahirpassport Ahmad, Tahir- Assistant Professor

Qualification :
B. Architecture (Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi),M.Arch. Sustainable Arch. (Central University Rajasthan)
Areas of Specialization : Sustainable architecture.
Areas of Interest : Environmental friendly architecture, Low cost Building material, Energy efficient buildings for cold climate, Thermal performance of building..
Email : tahirkgl18[at]gmail.com Phone: +91 - 9419765720
Anand, Ankush
sme_fac_ank_and Anand, Ankush - Associate Professor

Qualifications: B.E. (Distinction), Ph.D.
Area of Specialization: Design Optimization
Research Interest: Sustainable Design, Life Cycle Engineering, Tribology.
E-mail : ankush.anand[at]smvdu.ac.in, anand.ankush13[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2355
Anand, Sanjeev
picSMVDU_Faculty_infrast_tech-2 Anand, Sanjeev  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E., M.Tech., Certified Marine Chief Engineer, Ph.D.
Areas of specialization:
Industrial Energy Management,Exergy Analysis, Energy Efficiency in Buildings 
Area of Interest: Performance Analysis of Central Air Conditioning Plants, Condition Monitoring, Chemical Exergy Analysis, Moisture Control in Buildings, Optimization of Photovoltaic Systems.
E-mail :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone :
94191-04580 Extn.: 2362
Anand, Yatheshth
coe_mech_yanand Anand, Yatheshth - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B. E (Mechanical), M. E. (CAD/CAM & Robotics)
Areas of Specialization:
FEM, CAD, CAM, AI & Robotics.
Research Interest:
Finite Element Methods, CAD, CAM.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 Mob.:0949209654   Ext: 2350
Anuj Mahajan
cse_anuj Mahajan, Anuj - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E(IT), M.Tech.(IT)
Areas of Specialization:
Software Engineering, Web Information Retrieval
Areas of Interest:
Web Information Retrieval, Multi Agent Systems, Software Architecture & Design Patterns
E-mail : anuj.mahajan[at]smvdu.ac.in 
Phone : 01991-285524 Ext : 2322
Arora, Sakshi
cse_sakshi Arora, Sakshi - Lecturer

Qualifications: Ph.D.
Area of Specialization :Artificial Intelligence, Metaheuristics and Mobile computingResearch Interest: A Soft computing, cloud computing and virtualization
E-mail : sakshi[at]smvdu.ac.in ; net_sakshi[at]yahoo.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2310
Bairwa, Narendra Kumar
fac_sbt_bairwa Bairwa, Narendra Kumar- Assistant Professor and Ramalingaswami Fellow

Qualifications: UGC-JRF, Ph.D. (JNU, New Delhi) Postdoctoral Research (USA)
Areas of Specialization :
Marine Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Cancer Genetics, Yeast Genetics (S.cerevisiae & Cryptococcus Spp.)
Research Interest:Molecular Biology, Genome stability, Genome editing technologies, Biotechnological applications & Drug discovery, DNA Replication & Protein-Protein interactions mechanisms for novel drug targets, Susceptibility to Infectious diseases, agents and mechanism
E-mail :
narendra.bairwa[at]smvdu.ac.inPhone : 01991-285524Extn. : 2289
Pubmed URL: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/
Bhardwaj, Anil Kumar
fac_ece_anil Bhardwaj, Anil Kumar  - Assitant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech, M.Tech
Area of Specialization: VLSI Design, Semiconductor devices, RFIC.             
Research Interest:
  VLSI Design, Embedded Systems.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524      Ext: 2333
Bhat, V. K.
picSMVDU_Faculty_mathematics-6 Bhat, V. K. - Professor, Dean(Faculty of Sciences) & (Faculty of Management)

Qualifications : M. Sc. Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization :
Ring Theory, Graph Theory
E-mail : vijay.bhat[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :
+91-1991-285524, 01991-285691 (Telefax)
Ext.: 2506 (O); 6506(R)
Bhougal, Sandeep
picSMVDU_Faculty_mathematics-4 Bhougal, Sandeep - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.A (Statistics), Ph.D
Areas of Specialization : Sequential Analysis.
Areas of Interest :Sampling Theory, Sequential Analysis, Reliability.
E-mail :
Bhougal_ind74[at]yahoo.co.in, Sandeep.Bhougal[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :
01991-285524 Mobile: 94192-36522 Ext.:-2519
Biswas, Pankaj
sop_Pankaj Biswas, Pankaj - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc.(Physics), UGC-NET
Areas of Specialization : Electronics
Areas of Interest :  Computational Physics, Electronics
E-mail : pankaj79biswas[at]yahoo.co.in
Phone :
 01991-285524 Mobile: 94191-13597  Extn: 2518
Chandra, Ratna
coe_bio_ratnachandra1 Chandra, Ratna - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Sc. ,Ph.D. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)
Areas of Specialization :Plant Genetic Engineering, Bt Transgenics and Microbial Technology
Research Interest: Improvement of crop plants through genetic engineering and tissue culture
E-mail :
ratna.chandra[at]smvdu.ac.in, ratnachandra[at]rediffmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2389
Chaturvedi, Madhu Mangal
sopc_madhu Chaturvedi, Madhu Mangal - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D. ( IIT Kanpur, 2014)
Area of Specialization: Philosophy of Mind
Areas of Interest:
Metaphysics, Phenomenology, Indian Philosophy
E-mail :
vijai.madhu[at]smvdu.ac.in, vajramadhu[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Mobile : 9419256339 Extn. 2611 (O)
Chopra , Kapil
smekapil Chopra , Kapil - Assistant Professor
Qualifications: M. Tech., Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Areas of Specialization: Thermal Engineering.
Areas of Interest:
Thermal Engineering(Energy & Exergy Analysis, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning).
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524  Mob.:09086724726  Ext: 2352, 6352       
Das, Ananga Kumar
picSMVDU_Faculty_mathematics-1 Das, Ananga Kumar - Assistant Professor, HOD In-charge

Qualifications : Ph. D. (University of Delhi)
Areas of Specialization : Topology.
Areas of Interest : Topology.
E-mail :
ak.das[at]smvdu.ac.in, akdasdu[at]yahoo.co.in
Phone :
 01991-285524 Mobile: 94191-66016 Ext:-2511; 6511(R)
Dhiman K Vinay
fac_vinay Dhiman K Vinay - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : Ph.D.,PDF(South Africa ;  DSK PDF, India)
Areas of Specialization : Material Science/ Nanotechnology
Areas of Interest :  Luminescent nanomaterials, Surface properties, Material modification by ion beam, Radiation dosimetry
E-mail : vinaykumar[at]smvdu.ac.in, vinaykdhiman[at]gmail.com
Phone :
01991-285524 Extn.: 2509 (O), 6509 (R)
Dogra, V. K.
picSMVDU_Faculty_Architechture-8 Dogra, V. K. - Assistant Professor

Qualification :
B. E., M. Tech. (Structural Engineering)
Areas of Interest :
Design of Large Span Structures with Folded Plates, Shells, Domes, Structural Design of Flat Slabs, Flat slabs with drops and pyramids.
Email   : vk.dogra[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone : 01991-285524  Extn.: 2367
Dutta Varun
01varun_dutta Dutta, Varun - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech (Design Engineering), BE (Mechanical Engineering)
Areas of Specialization:
FEM, Automobiles, CAD, CAM, EG, DOM
Research Interest:
Design, FEM, Internal Combustion Engines
E-mail : varun221984[at]yahoo.co.in
Phone : 01991-285524  Ext:2248
Dwivedi, Amitabh Vikram
picSMVDU_Faculty_languages-3 Dwivedi, Amitabh Vikram, Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D.(English), M.A (Linguistics), M.A B.Ed (English).
Area of Specialization : Linguistics, Functional Grammar, Generative Appro.
Area of Interest:
Semantics, Cognitive Linguistics, Locative Expressions.
Phone : 01991-285524 Mobile: 94192-15764 Extn.: 2617

Giri, Sunil
picSMVDU_Faculty_Business-2 Giri, Sunil (On-Leave)
Assistant Professor 

Qualification : B. Tech., MBA,  Ph. D
Areas of Specialization :
Supply Chain Management & Marketing
Areas of Interest :
Supply Chain Management & Advertising Management
Email   :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone : 01991-285524               Extn.: 2406

Gondhi, Naveen Kumar
picSMVDU_Faculty_Comp_sc-5 Gondhi, Naveen Kumar - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D(Computer Science), M. Tech., CCNA.
Areas of Specialization:
Computer Network Management & Expert System, Mobile Adhoc Network.
Areas of Interest: Cluster & Grid Computing.
E-mail : naveen.gondhi[at]smvdu.ac.in; naveenkumargondhi[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2311
Gupta, Abhiney
picSMVDU_Faculty_Architechture-10 Gupta, Abhiney - Assistant Professor,

Qualification :
M.Arch., B. Arch.
Areas of Specialization: Hospitality Architecture, Sustainable approach to buildings, etc.
Areas of Interest :Sustainability in Architecture, Green Buildings, Building construction
Email : abhiney.gupta[at]smvdu.ac.in
Gupta, Meenakshi
fom_fac_meenakashi Gupta, Meenakshi
Assistant Professor, School of Economics

Qualification : M. Sc.,NET, Ph. D.
Areas of Specialization :
Ag. Marketing, Ag. Economics & Statistics.
Phone : - 01991-285524Extn: 2425

Gupta, Navin
saldnavingupta Gupta, Navin - Assistant Professor

Qualification :
M.Arch., B. Arch.
Areas of Specialization:Landscape Architecture
Areas of Interest : Building Construction, Landscape design, Vernacular architecture, Contemporary styles
Email : navin.gupta[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :+01991-285524 Extn.: 2374 Phone: 9419191651
Gupta, Sachin Kumar
sece_sachin Gupta, Sachin Kumar- Assistant Professor
Qualifications: B. Tech [NIT Raipur], M. Tech [IIT (BHU), Varanasi], Ph.D [IIT (BHU), Varanasi]
Area of Specialization:Wireless Networking, Computer Networks, Data Communications, Systems Theory
Research Interest:
Ad-hoc Networks (Mobile & Wireless Sensors), Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

E-mail :
sachin.gupta[at]smvdu.ac.in, sachin.rs.eee[at]iitbhu.ac.in, sachin.stm02[at]nctu.edu.tw
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2243(O), 6243 (H), (+91) 9086752707
Gupta, Sonika
picSMVDU_Faculty_Comp_sc-13 Gupta, Sonika - Lecturer

Qualifications: M.C.M., M.C.A.
Research Interest:
Wireless Sensor Networks, Operating Systems, Data structures,
E-mail : sonika.gupta[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone : 01991-285524Ext: 2308
Gupta, Sumeet
Gupta, Sumeet  - Assistant Professor, SECE & I/C Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)

Qualifications: B. E., M. Tech., Ph.D.
Area of Specialization: Digital System Design, Embedded Systems, Circuit design & simulation
Research Interest:
  Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communications, 
E-mail :
sumeet.gupta[at]smvdu.ac.in, sumeet1_gupta[at]rediffmail.com,
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2327
Gupta, Sunanda
picSMVDU_Faculty_Comp_sc-6 Gupta, Sunanda - Lecturer

Qualifications: Ph.D., M.C.A.
Research Interest:
Computer Simulation & Queues, Data Structures, Object Oriented analysis.
E-mail : sunanda.gupta[at]smvdu.ac.in ; leo_sunanda[at]yahoo.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Ext: 2309
Gupta, Swastik
Swastik_photograph Gupta, Swastik  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech
Area of Specialization: Computer Networks, Wireless Networks.             
Research Interest:
  Embedded Systems, Virtual Instrumentation, Distributed Control Systems
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524     Ext: 2340
Hazra, Purnima
sece_purnima Hazra, Purnima  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: AMIETE, M.Tech [Burdwan University], Ph.D submitted [IIT (BHU)]
Area of Specialization: Semiconductor devices and circuits, Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics.
Research Interest:  Nanomaterials, Nano and Optoelectronic devices,  Thin film technology. 
E-mail :
 Purnima.hazra[at]smvdu[dot]ac[dot]in, Purnimahazra26[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone : 9622273338
Jain, Deepak
picSMVDU_Faculty_Business-7 Jain, Deepak
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Qualification : Ph.D ,MBA, PGDM, ST&SM, DIEM
Areas of Specialization :
Marketing Management, Services Marketing, Retail Marketing.
Areas of Interest :
Marketing & Retail
Email   :
Phone :
 01991-285524    Mobile: 09419112922   Extn: 2415
Jameel, Azher
fac mech azzz Jameel, Azher - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech.(NIT Srinagar), M.Tech.(IIT Roorkee), Ph.D. (NIT Srinagar).
Area of Specialization:
Design, Robotics, FEM, XFEM, EFGM 
Research Interest:
Fracture and Fatigue in structures, Computational solid mechanics, FEM, XFEM, Mesh-free methods.
E-mail : jameelazher[at]gmail.com.
Phone :
01991-285524. Ext 2246 (O), 6246(R). Mobile: 08715028970
Jena, Pabitra Kumar
fom_fac_paitra Jena, Pabitra Kumar
Assistant Professor
, School of Economics

Qualification : M. A (Economics), UGC-NET, Ph. D.
Areas of Interest:
Foreign Direct Investment, International Finance.
Areas of Specialization :
Econometrics, Managerial Economics, Engineering Economics.
Email: pabitrakumarjena[at]gmail.com
Phone :01991-285524, Mobile: 09797638780 Extn: 2427 (O), 6427 (R )

Jha, Kumud Ranjan
coekumudranjanjha Jha, Kumud Ranjan  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: AMIE, M.E, Ph.D., Post. Doc. (San Diego State University, USA)
Area of Specialization: Microwave Engineering, Communication Systems.
Research Interest:
THz Antenna, THz Electronics, Reconfigurable Antenna, MIMO System, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Devices.
E-mail :
kumud.ranjan[at]smvdu.ac.in, jhakr[at]rediffmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2329
Jha, Rakesh Kumar
ecefac_jha Jha, Rakesh Kumar - Assistant Professor
B. E., M. Tech., Ph.D 
Area of Specialization: 
Wireless Communication, Network Security issues.
Area of Interest:
Digital Communication, Computer Networks, Optical Fiber Communication.
E-mail :
rakesh.jha[at]smvdu.ac.in ; jharakesh.45[at]gmail.com   
2245(O)  Phone: 01991-285524  
Kakkar, Vipan
ece_vipan_kakar Kakkar, Vipan  - Associate Professor

Qualifications: B.E, M.E, DEng., D. Sc (Video Codecs) Submitted
Area of Specialization: VLSI, Embedded Systems, Video Processing.             
Research Interest:
  VLSI, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524      Ext.: 2339
Kaul Ajay
picSMVDU_Faculty_Comp_sc-4 Kaul, Ajay - Assistant Professor & HOD-in-Charge, DCSE

Qualifications: B. E., M. Tech., Ph.D.
Research Interest: Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Visual Cryptography
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 Ext: 2306
Khajooria Arshia
picSMVDU_Faculty_Architechture-3 Khajooria, Arshia - Lecturer

Qualification :
B. Architecture, M.Arch
Areas of Interest :
Green Building &. Earthquake resistant structures, Rain water harvesting
Email : arshia.khajooria[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone: 01991-285524 Extn.: 2372
Khajuria, Yugal
picSMVDU_Faculty_physics-7 Khajuria, Yugal - Assistant Professor & I/C. HOD, Department of Physics & I/C. Dean of Students

Qualifications : Ph.D (B.H.U)
Areas of Specialization : Atomic & Molecular Physics.
Areas of Interest : Electron & Photon impact Ionization, Laser Spectroscopy, Spectroscopic studies of materials
E-mail :
yugal[at]smvdu.ac.in, yugalkhajuria[at]yahoo.co.in,
Phone :
01991-285524 Mobile: 9419932508Ext.: 2508
Kotwal, Shashi Bhushan
picSMVDU_Faculty_electronics_comm-18 Kotwal, Shashi Bhushan - Assistant Professor

B. E, M. Tech.
Research Interest: Microprocessor, Wireless Communications & Signal Processing, Sensor Networks
E-mail : kotwal.sb[at]smvdu.ac.in, sbkotwal[at]gmail.com
Phone :
01991-285524 Extn: 2331
Kumar, Anil
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-4 Kumar, Anil - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Sc., M. Phil., NET, GATE, Ph. D.
Areas of Specialization :
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Research Interest: Development of Newer Methodologies & Synthesis of bioactive molecules
E-mail :
anil.kumar[at]smvdu.ac.in, kanilsharma[at]rediffmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524   Ext.: 2530
Kumar, Anurag
fohss_dranurag Kumar, Anurag, Assistant Professor
Qualifications: M.A.(English), NET, Ph. D.(IIT Roorkee)
Area of Specialization : African American Literature, Marginal Literature
Area of Interest: Folk Literature, Literary Theory and Co-Cultural Communication
E-mail: anurag.kumar[at]smvdu[dot]ac[dot]in, anuragkumariitr[at]gmail[dot]com, anuragkumar.lko[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone :01991-285524 Ext.:2620(O) Mob.:9906153845
Kumar, Rajiv
sme_rajivkumar Kumar, Rajiv - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Tech.(NIT Kurukshetra), Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Area of Specialization: Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites,CMMS.
Research Interest: Green Composites, Ergonomics
E-mail : rajiv.kumar[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :
01991-285524 Ext:2353(O) 6353(R) Mobile: 08377886330
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Kumar, Rakesh
rakesh Kumar, Rakesh - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc. & Ph. D (Statistics)
Areas of Specialization : Operations Research.
Areas of Interest :Queuing theory, Linear Programming, Stochastic Modeling.
E-mail :
rakesh.kumar[at]smvdu.ac.in , rakesh_stat_kuk[at]yahoo.co.in
Phone :
01991-285524 Mobile: 9419932462, Ext.-2521(O);6521(R)
Kumar, Rakesh
sbt_rakesh Kumar, Rakesh - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Sc.(Human Genetics), Ph. D.(AIIMS, New Delhi), Post Doc (USA)
Areas of Specialization :
Cancer Biology | DNA Repair
Research Interest: DNA Damage & Repair
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524   Ext -2288(O)
Kumar, Sudesh
coe_cse_sudesh Kumar, Sudesh  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E(CSE), M.E (CSE)
Area of Specialization: Computer Networks, Network Security.
Area of Interest: Computer Architecture & Organization.
E-mail : sudesh.Bhadu[at]smvdu.ac.in 
Phone : 01991-285524 Ext: 2307
Kumar, Vinod
dald_vinod Kumar, Vinod- Assistant Professor

Qualification :
B.Arch., M.C.P. (I.I.T. Kharagpur)
Areas of Specialization : City Planning
Areas of Interest : Climate Responsive Architecture (Green building), Urban Design, City Planning, Interior Design,Traffic & Transportation
Email : vinodkumar[at]smvdu.ac.in Phone :01991-285524 Extn.: 2377
Maini, Arti
picSMVDU_Faculty_Business-4 Maini, Arti
Assistant Professor
, School of Business

Qualification : MBA, Ph.D
Areas of Specialization :
Human Resource Management
Email   :
Phone :
Extn.: 2410

Majumdar, Kakali
fom_fac_kakoli Majumdar, Kakali-
Assistant Professor
, I/C HOD, Department of Economics

Qualification : M. Sc., Ph.D.(IIT Kharagpur), NET
Areas of Specialization :
Statistics & Econometrics
Areas of Interest :
Email :
Phone :

Malhotra, Isha
soll_isha Malhotra, Isha , Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. A. English (Gold-Medalist), UGC NET, Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Area of Specialization : Gender Studies
Area of Interest:
Literary Theory, Women's Writing
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2618

Mehta, Sushil Kumar
com_Sushilmehta Mehta, Sushil Kumar
Assistant Professor
, School of Business

Qualification : B. Tech., MBA,  Ph. D
Areas of Specialization :
Accounting & Finance
Areas of Interest :
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Email   :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone : 01991-285524  Extn.: 2407

Mir Irfan Ul Haq
fac_sme_mir Mir Irfan Ul Haq - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Tech(Gold Medalist), B.Tech
Areas of Specialization:
Design, Numerical Analysis, Automobile Durability Analysis.
Areas of Interest:
Design, Fatigue of Structures, FEM, Automobile Engineering.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 Mob.: 09419026617(M)     Ext: 2356(O) 6356(H)
Mishra, Hari Govind
picSMVDU_Faculty_Business-3 Mishra, Hari Govind
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Qualification : M. Sc. (Tech.) Geophysics, MBA, NET, Ph. D.
Areas of Specialization :
Marketing, Strategic Management
Areas of Interest :
Retail Management, Services Marketing
Email   :
Phone :
 01991-285524   Mobile: 9419165846   Extn: 2412
Mishra, Sanjay
picSMVDU_Faculty_Business-5 Mishra, Sanjay
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Qualification : MBA (University Topper), Ph.D. , NET, GATE
Areas of Specialization : Finance
Areas of Interest : Behavioural Finance, Corporate Finance
Email   : sanjay.mishra[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :
Extn. : 2409(O)
Mukhopadhyay, D.
deancom Mukhopadhyay, D. 

Qualification : M. Com., M. A. (Eco)., MFM., MBA., Ph. D., LL. B., FCMA(INDIA).,FCS.(INDIA),FCMA(Nigeria)., FIPA(Australia), CMA(USA)., D. Litt.,Cost & Management Accountant (CMA) & Company Secretary (CS)
Areas of Specialization : Finance & Accounting, Marketing and General Management
Areas of Interest :
Corporate Finance, Strategy, Merger & Acquisition, IFRS & Accounting Standards and Balanced Scorecard
Phone : 01991-285524, 285690 (Telefax)Extn.:2400

Mukhopadhyay, D.
deancom Mukhopadhyay, D.

Qualification : M. Com., M. A. (Eco)., MFM., MBA., Ph. D., LL. B., FCMA(INDIA).,FCS.(INDIA),FCMA(Nigeria)., FIPA(Australia),CMA(USA)., D. Litt.,Cost & Management Accountant (CMA) & Company Secretary (CS)
Areas of Specialization : Finance & Accounting, Marketing and General Management
Areas of Interest :
Corporate Finance, Strategy, Merger & Acquisition, IFRS & Accounting Standards and Balanced Scorecard
Phone : 01991-285524, 285690 (Telefax)Extn.:2400

Pandit, Amit Kant
fac_ece_akpandit Pandit, Amit Kant - Associate Professor, Head of Department, SECE

Ph. D., DAC, B. Tech.
Area of Specialization:DSP, DIP, Signal and Systems ,Microprocessor
Area of Interest:
Image Processing, Digital Hardware Design.
E-mail : amit.pandit[at]smvdu.ac.in, amitkantpandit[at]ieee.org
Phone :
01991-285524Ext: 2332
Pathania, Kamini
picSMVDU_Faculty_physics-5 Pathania, Kamini - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc., M. Phil, Ph.D. (Physics)
Areas of Specialization : X-Ray Crystallography (Solid State Physics).
Areas of Interest :Condensed Matter Physics, Material Science.
E-mail :
Phone :
 01991-285524 Ext.:  2514
Potukuchi, M. Sharada
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-8 Potukuchi, M. Sharada- Associate Professor

Qualifications: M. Sc. (Plant sciences), Ph. D. (Botany), PDF(Plant Biology)
Areas of Specialization :
Plant Developmental Biology, Biomolecular Engineering - Plants
Research Interest: Plant tissue culture, Genetic transformation, Bioreactor cultivation of medicinal plants, bioactive metabolite production in vitro
E-mail : sharda.p[at]smvdu.ac.in, babasharada[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524   Extn - 2393
Prakash Deo
coedeoprakash Prakash, Deo - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E.(CSE), M.Tech.(CSE).
Areas of Specialization:
Computer Networks.
Areas of Interest:
Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, Genetic Algorithms.
E-mail : deoprakash[at]smvdu.ac.in, dp.smvdu[at]gmail.com. 
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2321
Prakash, Ram
fac_phy_ramprakash Prakash, Ram - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc., CSIR-NET, Ph.D. ( UGC-DAE CSR, Indore), PDF (IIT Kanpur,South Korea)
Areas of Specialization : Magnetic oxide thin films, DMS, Materials science, Experimental Techniques
Areas of Interest :Materials Science, thin film & nanostructures, spintronic materials and optical materials
E-mail :
ramprakash[at]smvdu.ac.in,  rpgiuc[at]gmail.com
Phone :
01991-285524 Extn.: 2523
Rai, Ekta
fac_biochem_ekta Rai, Ekta - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph. D.
Areas of Specialization :
Life Sciences ( Human Genetics )
Research Interest: Genetics & Genomics of human diseases, Transcriptomics & Proteomics.
E-mail :
ekta.rai[at]smvdu.ac.in ; ekta.rai[at]hotmail.com  Phone : 01991-285524  Extn. : 2533(O)
Raina, Ankush
sme_ankushh Raina, Ankush - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech.(Gold Medalist, NIT Srinagar)
Area of Specialization: Basic Thermodynamics, TOM, DOM, Fluid mechanics and Machines.
Research Interest: Thermofluids, Computational Fluid Dynamics, System Design.
E-mail : ankush.raina[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :
01991-285524, +91-9419167410 Ext:2250
Raj, Kuldip
picSMVDU_Faculty_mathematics-7 Raj, Kuldip - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc,  Ph.D. (Maths)
Areas of Specialization : Functional Analysis, Operator Theory
Areas of Interest :Operator Theory.
E-mail :
Phone :
01991-285524 Mobile: 94191-31961 Ext.:-2512; 6512(R)
Rajput, Manu
dald_manurajput Rajput, Manu- Assistant Professor

Qualification :
B.Arch.(Nagpur University), M. Planning(ITPI, New Delhi)
Areas of Specialization :
Architecture and Town Planning.
Areas of Interest :
Architectural Design, Specification and Estimation, Theory of Human Settlement, AutoCad and Town Planning
Email : manu_rajput[at]yahoo.com
+91 - 9419392726
Rasool, Shafaq
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-17 Rasool, Shafaq - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Sc. , Ph. D (Bio-Technology)
Areas of Specialization :
Molecular Biology, Microbial Biotechnology and Protein Engineering.
Research Interest: Protein Evolution, Metagenomics, Microbial Metabolic Engineering and Drug-Design.
E-mail :
shafaq.rasool[at]smvdu.ac.in, shafaqonly[at]rediffmail.com ;  Extn. : 2398
Sabraj, Manish
picSMVDU_Faculty_electronics_comm-19 Sabraj, Manish - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B. E., M. Tech, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Control System & digital Signal Processing, Digital communication, control system and signal processing
E-mail : manish.sabraj[at]smvdu.ac.in, manishsabraj[at]yahoo.com
Phone :
01991-285524, 9419230105 (M), Extn: 2330
picSMVDU_Faculty_Economics-3 Saurabh
Assistant Professor
, School of Business

Qualification : M. B. A., PGHRD, UGC-NET, CFSM, Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization :
Areas of Interest :
Strategic Management, New Product Development, SMSI, Entrepreneurship.
Email   :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone :  
01991-285524     Extn.:- 2422

Shankarayan Raju
biotech_raju Shankarayan Raju - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Pharm., M.Tech., Ph.D.(IIT Delhi, Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology), GATE, UGC-NET, CSIR-JRF, IITD-SRF.
Areas of Specialization :
Sustained drug delivery, Nanoparticulate drug delivery, Drug transport through mucosa.
Research Interest: Polymeric biomaterials based drug delivery, Pharmacokinetics, New drug discovery from Natural Products, Homeo and Naturo-therapy for incurable diseases, Metaphysics and Transcendental energy, Occult Sciences and the energy involved.
E-mail :
raju.shankarayan[at]smvdu.ac.in, rajus.iitd[at]gmail.com    Extn. : 2387(O), 6387(R) Phone : 01991-285524
Sharma Pooja
picSMVDU_Faculty_Comp_sc-7 Sharma, Pooja - Lecturer

Qualifications: B. E., MBA
Areas of Specialization:
Operating System, Java, JSP, Software Engineering.
Areas of Interest: Java Technologies & Operating Systems.
E-mail : pooja.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in ; pooja2_2000[at]yahoo.com
Phone : 01991-285524  Ext.: 2312
Sharma Sanjay
coe_cse_sanjay_sharma Sharma, Sanjay - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B. E. (CSE), M. Tech.
Areas of Interest:
Computer Architecture, Java Technology, Network security, Artificial Intelligence, DBMS.
E-mail : sanjay.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in ; sharma1314[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2313
Sharma Sanjay
sme_sanjay Sharma, Sanjay - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Tech (Thermal Engineering)
Areas of Specialization:
Thermal Engineering, Heat transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Research Interest:
Renewable Energy system.Solar energy.Solar energy storage.Energy and Exergy analysis of Thermodynamic system
E-mail : er.sanjay_sharma[at]yahoo.in
Phone : 01991-285524   Ext:2247
Sharma Vandhana
fac_vandana Sharma, Vandhana , Associate Professor & Head of Department

Qualifications: M. A ( English), Ph. D.
Area of Specialization : African Literature , Indian Writings in English
Area of Interest:
Post Colonial Literature, Gender Studies, Indian English Drama, Translation & Regional Literature
vandhana.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in, vandhana_sharma[at]rediffmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2616

Sharma, Abhimanyu
dald_sharma Sharma, Abhimanyu - Assistant Professor

Qualification : M.Arch., B. Arch.
Areas of Specialization:
Architectural design, Earthquake Resistant Structures, Conservation Architecture and Building Construction
Areas of Interest : Conservation of Heritage Architecture and Building Construction
Email : abhimanyu.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2371 Mobile: 9796079046
Sharma, Ajay K.
picSMVDU_Faculty_mathematics-5 Sharma , Ajay K. - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization : Functional Analysis ,Complex Analysis.
Areas of Interest : Functional Analysis ,Operator Theory.
E-mail :
aksju_76[at]yahoo.com,ajaypk_smvdu[at]rediffmail.com, ajay.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :
 01991-285524 Mobile: 8803143120  Ext.:- 2510; 6510 (R)
Sharma, Amit
arch_amit_sharma Sharma, Amit - Asstt. Professor

Qualification :
B. E.(GOLD MEDALIST - GCET Jammu), M.Tech. (NBCC-AWARDEE - IIT Delhi), Ph.D. (Civil Engineering-IIT Delhi).
Areas of Specialization :
Finite Element Analysis, Soil structure Interaction, Numerical Modeling of Soil Behaviour, Geotechnology for Railway Tracks and Pavements, Geotechnical Evaluation of Soil and Granular Materials by Triaxial Shear Testing and Instrumentation in Soil Mechanics.
Areas of Interest :
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering; Analysis of Determinate and Indeterminate structures, Design of RCC, Steel and Pre stressed Concrete  Structures and Instrumented Model Testing of Prototypes under Monotonic and Cyclic loading.
Email   : amit.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in, s78786[at]yahoo.co.in
Phone : 01991-285524     Ext: 2368
Sharma, Anoop Kumar
dald_anoop Sharma, Anoop Kumar - Assistant Professor

Qualification :
M.Arch., B. Arch.(Gold Medalist)
Areas of Specialization:
Architecture Design and Contemporary Architecture Trends
Areas of Interest : Hill Architecture, Vernacular Architecture style of Sub-urban and rural areas of Northern India furniture design, Planning measures for new cities.
Email : anoop.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2375 Mobile: 9018903777
Sharma, Indu Bhushan
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-5 Sharma, Indu Bhushan - Assistant Prof.

Qualifications: M. Sc. , Ph. D(BioChemistry)
Areas of Specialization :
Biochemistry, Enzyme Engineering and Fermentation Technology.
Research Interest: Microbial Biotechnology and Biotransformation.
Phone : 01991-285524  Extn.: 2287  E-mail : sharmasmvdu92[at]gmail.com
Sharma, Jitendra
picSMVDU_Faculty_physics-6 Sharma, Jitendra - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : Ph. D - Physics (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
Areas of Specialization : Polymer Science & Technology, Bio-preservation in protein drugs, Nanocomposites of CNT, Silica & Layered Silicates. Areas of Interest : Rheology, Laser/Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
E-mail : jitendra.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in, jitendra.sharma[at]gmail.com
Phone :
 01991-285524 Ext: 2517
Sharma, Jyoti
picSMVDU_Faculty_Business-6 Sharma, Jyoti
Associate Professor, & Director School of Business
Qualification : M. Com., Ph. D.
Areas of Specialization :
Human Resource Management
Email   :
Phone :
Extn.: 2408(O)
Sharma, Neeru
picSMVDU_Faculty_languages-5 Sharma, Neeru, Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D.
Area of Specialization : British Fiction.
Area of Interest:
Phone : 01991-285524 Mobile: 94198-92613 Extn.: 2619

Sharma, Preeti
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-19 Sharma, Preeti - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization :
Environmental Sciences
Research Interest: Microbiology, Molecular Biology
E-mail :
preeti.sharma[at]smvdu.ac.in, preeti_res[at]yahoo.co.in
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn.: 2392
Sharma, Rooplal
picSMVDU_Faculty_Economics-6 Sharma, Rooplal
Assistant Professor
, School of Business

Qualification : M. A(Eco), Ph. D.  
Areas of Specialization :
Areas of Interest:
Quantitative Technique, Mathematical Economics.
Email   :
Phone : - 01991-285524  Extn.: 2424

Sharma, Sandeep
sharma Sharma, Sandeep - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc, Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization : Differential Geometry.
Areas of Interest :Differential Geometry, Graph Theory.
E-mail :
sandeep.1980[at]smvdu.ac.in, sandeep8022[at]yahoo.com 
Phone :
01991-2285524 Mobile: 9419116760 Ext:- 2513
Sharma, Sanjay Mohan
sme_sanjay Sharma, Sanjay Mohan - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B. E (Mechanical), M.Tech.(Industrial Engg.)
Areas of Specialization:
Machine Design, Ergonomics
Areas of Interest:
Design, Ergonomics.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524  Mob.: 09797301889  Ext: 2354
Sharma, Snehal
dald_SnehalSharma Sharma, Snehal- Assistant Professor

Qualification :
M.L.A.(M.D.U. Rohtak), B.Arch.(S.P.S.M.B.H's College, Kolhapur)
Areas of Specialization :
Landscape Architecture.
Areas of Interest :
Architecture Design, Landscape Design, Sustainable Construction.
Email : snehalsharma[at]gmail.com
01991-285524 Mobile: 9797251217
Sharma, Sumanta Sarathi
picSMVDU_Faculty_philosophy-1 Sharma, Sumanta Sarathi - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Doctoral Thesis submitted at IIT Kanpur.
Area of Specialization: Diagrammatic Reasoning
Areas of Interest:
Symbolic Logic, Philosophy of Science, Human Rights and Greek Philosophy.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn. 2609 (O) 6609 (R)
Sharma, Suparn Kumar
fac_com_suparn Sharma, Suparn Kumar
Associate Professor 

Qualification :
M.A. (Economics), M. Phil., Ph. D.(KUK), SLET, UGC-NET
Areas of Specialization :
Management Science, Project Management, Research Methods and Entrepreneurship Management
Areas of Interest : Applied Econometrics, Productivity and Efficiency, Business Forecasting, Banking
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , suparn329[at]yahoo.co.in
Phone : 01991-285524      
Ext.: 2420 (O),  6420 (R )  Mobile: 09419165690
Sharma, Swarkar
fac_biochem_swarkar Sharma, Swarkar - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization :
Life Sciences ( Human genetics)
Research Interest: Human Molecular genetics, evolutionary genetics, Genomics and Molecular biology of human disorders.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524   Ext: 2533
Sharma, Vijay Kumar
05022015_vijay Sharma, Vijay Kumar- Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B. Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Area of Specialization:Low Power VLSI Design, Process Variation Aware Design
Research Interest:
VLSI Design, Low Power Circuit Design, Sub-threshold Operation of Circuits, Bootstrapped Circuits, Low Voltage Electronics, Nanoscale CMOS Device/Circuits/System Co-Design.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2241
Singh, Aditya Kumar
sald_aditya Singh, Aditya Kumar - Associate Professor, Head of Department

Qualification :
M.L.A.(SPA, New Delhi), E.M.I.B. (IIFT, New Delhi), B.Arch. (NIT, Bhopal)
Area of Specialization :
Landscape Design, International Business, Building Economics, Capital & Stock Management
Areas of Interest : Architectural Education, GATS in Service Sector, Globalization of Architectural Profession, Sustainable Landscape Design
Email : director.sald[at]smvdu.ac.in 
Phone: 01991-285524 Ext.: 2370 (O), 6370 (R)
Singh, Balbir
fac balbir Singh, Balbir - Associate Professor & HOD In-charge DME

Qualifications: Ph.D., M. Tech, MA, DBM, PGDHE
Areas of Specialization:
Production Engineering
Research Interest:
Advance Machining Methods,Maintenance and Quality Control.
E-mail : balbir.isst[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone : 01991-285524 Ext.: 2347Mob.: 9906224982
Singh, Surender
surender Singh, Surender - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc, NET, Ph.D.
Areas of Specialization : Information Theory.
Areas of Interest :Coding Theory, Algebra, Topology.
E-mail :
surender.singh[at]smvdu.ac.in,  surender1976[at]gmail.com
Phone :
01991-285524 Ext:-2524(O), 6524(R)
Singh, Vikram
sece__vikram Singh, Vikram  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Tech., Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Area of Specialization: VLSI Design, Digital Design using VERILOG and VHDL 
Research Interest:
  Low Power CMOS, RF Integrated Circuits, LNA Design  
E-mail : vikram.singh
[at]smvdu.ac.in, vikram.jangra[at]gmail.com,
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2244(O), 6244(R), (+91) 9466754797
Singh, Vinod
fac_biochem_vinod Singh, Vinod - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph. D.
Areas of Specialization :
Research Interest: Immunoregulation, Immunogenetics, Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy.
E-mail :
vinod.singh[at]smvdu.ac.in. Phone : 01991-285524   Extn. : 2531(O)
Singh, Vivek Kumar
cos_vivek Singh, Vivek Kumar - Assistant Professor

Qualifications : M.Sc. (Physics), NET , D. Phil. (University of Allahabad)
Areas of Specialization : Laser Spectroscopy, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.
Areas of Interest :Laser Spectroscopy.
E-mail : 
vivek.singh[at]smvdu.ac.in, vivekksingh.phy[at]hotmail.com
Phone :
01991-285524 Mobile: 9419115187 Extn: 2520
Sinha, Amit Kumar
sme_amitkumarsinha Sinha, Amit Kumar - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. S. ( UNIST, South Korea )
Area of Specialization: System Engg.( Industrial Engg. ).
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligent Techniques, Optimization in Manufacturing System, Supply Chain Managenent.
E-mail : amit.sinha[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone :
01991-285524 Ext:2249(O) 6249(R)  Mobile: 9469830097
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Slathia, Singh Parvez
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-7 Slathia, Singh Parvez - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Sc. Biotechnology
Areas of Specialization :
Molecular Biology & Bioprocess Technology.
Research Interest: Bioinformatics & Molecular Biology
E-mail :
parvez.singh[at]smvdu.ac.in, parvezsingh[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524  Ext. 2391
Suri, Ashish
picSMVDU_Faculty_electronics_comm-13 Suri, Ashish -Assistant Professor
Qualifications: B. E., M. Tech.
Area of Specialization: Wireless & Mobile Communication,Digital Signal Processing.
Area of Interest:
Wireless & Mobile Communication, Computer Networks & Digital Signal Processing.
E-mail :
 Phone: 01991-285524 Ext:2337
Syeda Shazia Bukhari
fac_mba_syeda Bukhari. Syeda Shazia
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Qualification :  MBA, SLET, UGC-NET, FDP(IIMK)
Areas of Specialization :
Marketing & HR
Areas of Interest :
Organization Behaviour, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Strategic Human Resouce Management, Compensation Management
Email   :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone : 01991-285524   Mobile: 9419163358     Extn: 2411

Taggar, Rashi
com_rashi Taggar, Rashi
Assistant Professor, School of Business

Qualification : MBA, NET
Areas of Specialization :
Consumer Psychology and Supplier Relationship Management
Email   :
Phone :
Extn : 2413
Tarai, Ashoka Kumar
sopc_ashok Tarai, Ashoka Kumar - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M.Phil, Ph.D.
Area of Specialization: Metaphysics of Wittgenstein
Areas of Interest:
Political Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Western Epistemology
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524   Mobile : 9018108266 Extn. 2610(O)
Tewari, Anil Kumar
fac_anil_ Tewari, Anil Kumar - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph. D, IIT Kanpur.
Area of Specialization: Consciousness in Buddhism
Areas of Interest:
Indian Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy Logic and Ethical Issues
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn. 2608 (O) 6608 (R)
Tripathi, Neeraj
ntripathi Tripathi, Neeraj  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: PDSL ( NEMS/MEMS ) EU, M.Tech (Microelectronics) IIT Kgp, B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Area of Specialization: MEMS,NEMS,VLSI, Circuit Designing, VLSI Design, Device Modeling
Research Interest:
VLSI CAD Simulation, T-CAD based designing, Nanoelectronics, Silicon Radiation Detectors, MEMS Designing.
E-mail :
neeraj.tripathi[at]smvdu.ac.in, ntripathi[at]lycos[dot]com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2328
Tripathi, Varun Kumar
picSMVDU_Faculty_philosophy-4 Tripathi, Varun Kumar - Associate Professor & Head of Department

Qualifications: Ph. D. (Banaras Hindu  University).
Area of Specialization: Non-Dualism, Indian Ethics
Areas of Interest:
Early Buddhism, Indian Philosophy of Language, Indian Epistemology & Logic, Existentialism and Moral Philosophy
E-mail :
varun.tripathi[at]smvdu.ac.in; varun_tri[at]yahoo.com
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn. 2607 (O) 6607 (R)
Tyagi Vineet. V
fac_sem_tyagi Tyagi, Vineet. V  - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D., PDF (University of Malaya, Malaysia, CES I.I.T., Delhi, NISE (MNRE), India).
Areas of specialization: Solar Thermal Energy Storage, Phase Change Materials, Solar Collectors.
Area of Interest: Thermal Performance Analysis of PCMs based Applications (Buildings, Water Heating, Air Heating, High Temperature Heat Storage), Energy & Exergy Analysis, PV & Photovoltaic-Thermal Collectors, BIPV.
E-mail : v.tyagi[at]smvdu.ac.in, vtyagi16[at]gmail.com
Phone :+91-9596355889(Mob.)
Vaishnavi, Samantha
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-18 Vaishnavi, Samantha - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: Ph. D. Botany
Areas of Specialization :
Plant Molecular Biology and Cytogenetics
Research Interest:
Genome Evolution and Molecular Systematics
E-mail : samantha.vaishnavi[at]smvdu.ac.in
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2388
Vashist, Ashutosh
picSMVDU_Faculty_Economics-5 Vashist, Ashutosh
Associate Professor

Qualification : M. B.A, Ph.D., NET
Areas of Specialization :
Areas of Interest :
Regulation of Financial Market
Email   : ashutosh.vashistha[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone :  01991-285524   Extn:- 2423

Verma Manoj Kumar
picSMVDU_Faculty_Comp_sc-12 Verma, Manoj Kumar - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: M. Tech., B.Tech.
Areas of Specialization: Data Structures, DBMS, Computer Architecture  Areas of Interest: Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks
E-mail :
manoj.kumar[at]smvdu.ac.in ; vermamk[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285524   Ext: 2314(O),6314(R)
Verma, Vijeshwar
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-2 Verma, Vijeshwar - Professor, Head of Department DBT & Dean (Faculty of Engineering)

Qualifications: Ph. D, (FAMI).
Areas of Specialization :
Bio Technology
Research Interest:
Recombinant DNA Technology
E-mail : v.verma[at]smvdu.ac.in, v_verma2k[at]rediffmail.com,
Phone : 01991-285524 Extn: 2386
Wanchoo, Sunil Kumar
picSMVDU_Faculty_physics-1 Wanchoo, Sunil Kumar - Assistant Professor & Director in charge Department of Innovation & Community Development

Qualifications : M.Sc., Ph.D (University of Mumbai)
Areas of Specialization : Thin films
Areas of Interest:
Microcomputers & Computer Hardware, Data Communication & Networking.
E-mail :
Phone : 01991-285524 , Ext.: 2507 (O), 6507(R)
Yadav, Kumar Arvind
picSMVDU_Faculty_Bio-Tech-20 Yadav, Kumar Arvind - Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E, M. Tech (B.H.U)
Areas of Specialization :
Biochemical Engineering.
Research Interest: Bioreactor Designing, Enzyme Engineering, Downstream Processing Modelling, Simulation, Optimization and Control, Waste Treatment.
E-mail :
yadav.kumar[at]smvdu.ac.in, arvind.kuyad[at]gmail.com
Phone : 01991-285535-2390