The Academic Council

The Academic Council is the academic body of the University and is responsible for the maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination within the university.

The members of the Academic Council are:

  • Prof. Sanjeev Jain, Vice Chancellor, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (Chairman).
  • Shri Lokesh Saxena , Member Expert, Vice President (Industrial Business & Services), SKF India Ltd, Pune
  • Prof. Rajesh Srivastava, Member Expert, Head, Department of Physics (Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee).
  • Prof. K.K.Biswas, Member Expert, Emeritus Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering(Indian Institute of Technology Delhi).
  • Prof. P.K.Jain, Member Expert, Professor, Department of Management Studies (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi).
  • Dr. V.K.Jain, Member Expert, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi).
  • Prof. Sunil Pandey, Member Expert, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi).
  • Prof. S.Dharmaraja, Member Expert, Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi).
  • Mr. Subrata Deb, Librarian
  • Prof. V. Verma, Dean Faculty of Engineering, & Head, Department of Biotechnology, SMVDU.
  • Prof. V. K. Bhat,Dean Faculty of Sciences, & Dean Faculty of Management,SMVDU.
  • Dr. V.K.Tripathi, Head, Department of Philosophy & Culture, SMVDU.
  • Dr. Yugal Khajuria, I/c Dean of Students & I/c Head, Department of Physics.
  • Dr. Vandana Sharma, I/c Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences & Head, Department of Languages and Literature, SMVDU.
  • Dr. Ajay Koul, I/c Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SMVDU.
  • Dr. Amit Kant Pandit, Head, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, SMVDU.
  • Dr. Ankush Anand, I/c Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SMVDU.
  • Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Head, School of Business, SMVDU.
  • Dr. A.K.Das, I/c Head, Department of Mathematics, SMVDU.
  • Ar. Aditya Kumar Singh, Head, Department of Architecture & Landscape Design, SMVDU.
  • Dr. Sanjeev Anand, I/c Head, Department of Energy Management, SMVDU.
  • Dr. Kakali Majumdar, I/c Head, Department of Economics, SMVDU
  • Prof. V. K. Bhat ,  Registrar, SMVDU
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